Betsy DeVos

Secretary of Education


The Job: Primary adviser on federal education policy & programs

  • Longtime supporter and advocate for school choice and voucher policies
  • Supports requiring the government to pay for private and charter school tuitions
  • Refused to rule out defunding public schools
  • Lacks experience in public education

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Ryan Zinke

Secretary of the Interior


The Job: Manages federal lands & natural resources, including national parks

  • GOP congressman from Montana
  • Accepts climate change as real
  • Sits on the House Natural Resources Committee
  • Strong supporter of fossil fuels
  • Has voted to increase funding to preserve open spaces

Linda McMahon

Administrator of the Small Business Administration

SBA Administrator provides support to small businesses and start-ups

  • Co-founded pro wrestling company WWE
  • Formerly a major donor to pro-Trump super PACs
  • Ran two unsuccessful campaigns for U.S. Senate

Mick Mulvaney

Budget Director

Budget Director drafts the president's budget & audits the quality of agency programs

  • Fiscal conservative
  • Elected in 2010, during the Tea Party wave
  • Supported shutting down the government over increasing budgets
  • Acknowledged that he failed to pay payroll taxes for a household employee

Robert Lighthizer

U.S. Trade Representative

U.S. Trade Representative is responsible for developing, recommending & negotiating U.S. trade policy

  • Former deputy U.S. trade representative under President Ronald Reagan
  • Long supporter on tariffs on foreign imports
  • Critic of free trade
  • Longtime critic of Chinese trade practices 

Scott Pruit

Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency

EPA Administrator is responsible for enforcing environmental regulations & recommending policy

  • Has sued the EPA repeatedly
  • Believes climate change exists
  • Disputes effect human activity has had on climate
  • Oil industry ally
  • Lobbied for oil companies while in office

Nikki Haley

U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations

U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. represents the country on the U.N. Security Council & other U.N. assemblies

  • Former governor of South Carolina
  • Criticized Russia during her confirmation hearing
  • Supports Israel, would have vetoed U.N. resolution condemning settlements
  • Pledged to speak up when she disagrees with President Trump
  • Does not support a Muslim registry

Reince Priebus

Chief of Staff

Pre-Trump administration, the president's chief of staff was the highest-ranking White House employee. Now the role is equal to that of the White House chief strategist

  • Former Republican National Committee chair 
  • Widely supported within the Republican party
  • Vying for influence with Trump advisers Steve Bannon and Jared Kushner
  • The highest-level traditional politician within the Trump Administration

David Shulkin

Secretary of Veteran's Affairs

VA Secretary oversees management of veteran's health care, cemeteries, monuments & benefits

  • Current undersecretary for health at the VA
  • Has been praised by veterans organizations
  • Would be the first non-veteran to lead the VA
  • Vowed to "straighten out the VA"

John Kelly

Secretary of Homeland Security

Secretary of Homeland Security oversees the agency's national security and emergency preparedness responsibilities

  • Retired Marine four-star general
  • The first non-civilian to lead DHS
  • Will be responsible for implementing Trump's immigration proposals
  • Supports a technological wall over the physical border wall Trump has proposed

Rick Perry

Secretary of Energy

Energy Secretary manages nuclear waste & safeguards America's nuclear armament, in addition to considering environmental protections

  • Previously said he wanted to eliminate the Department of Energy (later said he regretted the remarks)
  • Pledged to modernize the country's nuclear stockpile
  • Wants to promote domestic energy production in "all forms"
  • Promised to rely on scientific data when making climate change decisions