Christie's Approval Rating Hits a New All-Time Low — Again

Trump surrogate and New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie's approval rating has reached an all-time low.

A mere 21 percent of registered voters in the state approve of his job performance while an overwhelming 72 percent disapprove, according to a Fairleigh Dickinson University PublicMind poll released on Wednesday. Additionally, 65 percent currently hold an unfavorable opinion of Christie while 29 percent held a favorable view.

Dissatisfaction with the governor persists irrespective of political affiliation, gender, race, education and age. Even among Republicans, Christie garners a 52 percent disapproval rating.

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Andrew Rafferty

Khizr Khan: 'We Will Continue to Speak'

Khizr Khan, the father of a Muslim U.S. Army captain killed in Iraq, explained why he stepped into the public eye while campaigning for Hillary Clinton at a Virginia Mosque on Wednesday.

"People have asked me, why all of this noise, why did you stand up, why did you make your family so public, your grief so public. We have grieved for 12 years in privacy and dignity of our privacy of our family and our home," Khan said.

"We will speak. Doesn't matter what the cost is, we will continue to speak," he later added.

Khan got the nation's attention during the Democratic National Convention after he and his wife delivered a powerful speech slamming Donald Trump's proposed Muslim ban. The GOP nominee then fueded with the Gold Star family, against the advice of many in the Republican Party.

Clinton to Hold Election Night Event at Javits Center in Manhattan

Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton will hold her election night event at the Jacob K. Javits Center in Manhattan, a senior campaign official told NBC News.

Located in Hell's Kitchen, the Javits Center is one of the busiest convention centers in the country. It is also has a large glass ceiling, which could be a nod to Clinton splintering "the highest, hardest glass ceiling" should she become the first woman president.

Decades ago, Republican opponent Donald Trump was involved in the construction of the Javits Center. Trump offered $200 million for its construction on the condition that he could name the building after his family, according a 1987 New York Times report.

The state ultimately declined the offer and the convention center was completed by the State Urban Development Corporation.

Leigh Ann Caldwell

Trump Camp's Conway to RNC Members: We are United

Trump Campaign Manager Kellyanne Conway joined a call with the 168 invited members of the Republican National Committee Wednesday to assure them that the RNC and the Trump campaign are united.

The "Trump camp is very happy with the RNC," Conway told the members, per a participant who joined the call.

This is the second call hosted by RNC Chairman Reince Priebus in the past two weeks. The first was after the Access Hollywood tape was released, causing the RNC to move into a holding pattern with Trump, angering some of the committee members who are backing Trump.

Preibus and RNC political director Chris Carr spent most of the call going through early voting tallies in battleground states of Ohio, Florida, North Carolina, Iowa and Nevada, giving an optimistic picture of where the GOP stands 13 days from Election Day.

A state that was left out of the summary, however, was Pennsylvania, one in which the Trump campaignstill considers a battleground.

Another thing notably absent from the call, per two participants, was discussion over Trump Victory fundraising. Trump is slowing down fundraising for the joint fundraising committee with the RNC, which pays for Get Out the Vote efforts and ground game.

Rudy Giuliani: Donald Trump Is Not a Racist

"The last thing in the world Donald Trump is a racist," former NYC mayor Rudy Giuliani said on MSNBC Wednesday.

In an interview with Stephanie Ruhle, Giuliani fired back at implications that Trump is racist, calling them "outrageous" and stating that "there is no racism" in the campaign. "I've known him for 28 years. The man likes White people, he likes Black people, he likes Hispanic people, he plays golf with them," he said.

Giuliani added that, "It's Hillary Clinton who says to us; we all have implicit bias, who I believe has a problem. She should look in the mirror." He said that he has "no racial guilt ... which is why I am willing to tell the truth about black crime and what has to be done about it."

Monica Alba

Hillary Clinton Celebrates Her 69th Birthday

Hillary Clinton turns 69 years old today.

She began celebrating on Monday by visiting her grandchildren and getting serenaded by Stevie Wonder at her final New York City fundraiser.

On Tuesday, she was surprised by a spontaneous rendition of "Happy Birthday" by a Coconut Creek, Florida crowd. Delighted and embarrassed, she said the third presidential debate counted as "an early birthday present" and changed the subject. Later, she made a surprise stop at Adele's concert in Miami.

Today, she has two Florida events in Lake Worth and Tampa. She will then return to New York.

Celebrities are wishing the Democratic nominee a happy birthday on Twitter.

Kellyanne Conway: Joe Biden Is Being a Bully

Donald Trump's campaign manager Kellyanne Conway said Vice President Joe Biden "acted like a bully" towards the GOP nominee.

At a recent Hillary Clinton rally, Biden said he wished he could take Trump "behind the gym." Trump himself responded that he would love to fight the vice president, who he called "Mr. Tough Guy."

Conway on CBS Wednesday said she found the comment "disappointing."

"I thought [Biden] acted like a bully," Conway told King. "It was very disappointing to hear the vice president of the United States suggest violence the old-fashioned way."

Conway suggested that if her candidate made a comment like Biden's, the press would have been harsher. "I think if Donald Trump said anything even remotely close to that, we would've had our hair on fire for three days, would have had high school psychologists coming in and talking on air, we would have been talking about bullying and violence."

Monica Alba

Clinton Campaign Unveils Two New Ads for Closing Weeks

Hillary Clinton's campaign is up with two new ads as the campaign heads into its final 13 days.

One of the ads, narrated by actor Morgan Freeman, draws a contrast of between the Democratic nominee and Donald Trump. "Our children," the ad starts, "they look up to us, what we value, how we treat others. And not they're looking to see what kind of leaders we choose, who we'll entrust our country and their future to. Will it be the one respected around the world, or the one who frightens our allies and emboldens our enemies? The one with the deep understanding of the challenges we face, or the one who is unprepared for them? A steady hand, or a loose cannon?"

The second features Clinton on-camera talking about her proposals to help working families. "Kids and families have been the passion of my life and they will be the heart of my presidency," Clinton says. The ads will run on national cable and in battleground states.

Leigh Ann Caldwell

New Six-Figure Digital Ad Says Trump Will Break Up Families

A Democratic super PAC, For Our Future, is releasing Wednesday a new digital ad in five critical states that uses an emotional plea to knock Donald Trump's immigration plan.

The six-figure digital ad buy is meant to complement a large grassroots voter mobilization effort targeting the Obama coalition of young voters, minorities and women.

In the ad, "Isabel," a mother and teenage daughter are Skyping when the daughter says she has to help her friend.

"You have to go so soon," the mom says, saddened. "Yeah, sorry mom, but I'm already late," the daughter responds to a heartbroken mom.

On the screen flashes the words: "Under Donald Trump's deportation plan, millions of immigrant families could be torn apart."

It will run in Nevada, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Florida and Wisconsin. Those states also have competitive Senate races.

The super PAC is a coalition of unions who have teamed up with Democratic donor Tom Steyer of NextGen Climate Change.

Leigh Ann Caldwell

Senate GOP PAC Massive, Last-Minute Spree to Save Senate

The Sen. Mitch McConnell linked Senate Leadership PAC is throwing an additional $25 million into Senate races.

This Hail Mary move comes in the final two weeks of the election, and on the day that the Cook Political Report determined that Dems could pick up five to seven Senate seats, effectively switching control of the Senate from Republican to Democrat.

The $25 million is going to run television advertisements in six states: Nevada, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, New Hampshire, Missouri and Indiana. All seats except Nevada are held by a Republican and at risk of a Democrat winning. The news was first reported by Politico.

Ian Prior, spokesperson for the super PAC, told NBC News, "Holding the Senate in this environment is going to be tough, but if Hillary Clinton and Chuck Schumer want the majority they're going to have a hell of a fight on their hands for the next two weeks."

They would not detail who their last-minute donors are, and it's notable that the super PAC got a huge infusion of cash last month when Sheldon Adelson gave the super PAC $20 million.

Andrea Mitchell

Colin Powell Says He Will Vote for Clinton

Colin Powell said Tuesday that he is endorsing and voting for Hillary Clinton, NBC News has confirmed.

Powell, who served under both Republican and Democratic presidents, most recently as President George W. Bush's Secretary of State, endorsed President Obama in both 2008 and 2012.

He has been highly critical of Trump, calling him a "national disgrace" but has also been critical of Clinton. But unlike many Republicans who say they can't vote for Trump but have also said they can neither back Clinton, Powell has come out for Clinton.

He has been a tangential figure this election cycle as hacked emails show that Powell told Clinton when she was beginning her tenure as secretary of State that he used his personal email while at State.