latest posts from Pride30

Jaime Deer

June 15

Dr. Brian Mustanski

June 28

The Molder of Minds: As a researcher and teacher Brian Mustanki is focused on broaden research done on the health of the LGBTQ community while training future health professionals to be aware of people of all sexuality and gender identities.

Pride means asking yourself what you like about your sexual orientation and being able to answer it.

Kun-Yang Lin

June 8

The Dance Master: Kun-Yang Lin is a dancer who runs his own studio in Philadelphia and also teaches dance at Temple University.

Gabby Rivera

June 1

The Quirky Writer: Gabby Rivera is creating models for LGBTQ people of the future with her novel and work on Marvel comic hero America Chavez.

Pride is revolution and joy.

Chase Strangio

June 2

The Dogged Lawyer: Transgender ACLU lawyer who has worked on the cases of both Gavin Grimm and Chelsea Manning.

Dustin Rader