Foreign Policy Eviscerates Trump, Backs Clinton in First-Ever Endorsement

Foreign Policy magazine endorsed Hillary Clinton in an editorial Monday, breaking with its 46-year tradition of not backing candidates.

"The great magnitude of the threat that a Donald Trump presidency would pose" warranted the unprecedented move, the editors wrote.

The foreign affairs magazine joins USA Today, The Cincinnati Enquirer, Arizona Republic, Dallas Morning News, The Detroit News, and Houston Chronicle in breaking with long histories of either not endorsing a candidate or endorsing Republican nominees for president.

"The litany of reasons Trump poses such a threat is so long that it is, in fact, shocking that he is a major party's candidate for the presidency," Foreign Policy's editors wrote. "Trump is the worst major-party candidate this republic has ever produced."

The magazine cited as pertinent to its readers what it called Trump's "ignorance of the most basic facts of international affairs."

On Clinton, Foreign Policy's editors wrote:

Hillary Clinton is a quality candidate who is unquestionably well-prepared to lead this country. What is more, we do not think it is a small thing that by her election she will be righting a deep wrong that has compromised U.S. democracy since its inception: the exclusion of women from its highest offices. Were she to be elected as this country's first woman president, not only would it be historic and send an important signal about both inclusiveness and Americans' commitment to electing candidates who have distinguished themselves on their merits, but she would enter office having already put down one great threat to the United States of America — the grotesque and deeply disturbing prospect of a Donald Trump presidency.

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No, ISIS Isn't Rooting for Clinton

ISIS is "dreaming that Hillary Clinton becomes President. ISIS, their number one dream, Hillary Clinton, let her become President. She's the one that allowed it to form, she's the one that watched it go, now they say it's in 32 countries, worse than ever."

A dozen interviews with ISIS extremists and a review of their social media networks by Foreign Affairs magazine found that the terrorist group has a strong preference in the 2016 election: they'd like to see Donald Trump elected, not Clinton.

Fact checkers have also reviewed Trump's repeated claim that ISIS' rise is directly Clinton's fault and declared it to be false.

Flashback: GOP Began Abandoning Bob Dole 20 Years Ago Today

When the newest presidential poll came out on Oct. 23, 1996, Republicans panicked that they might lose control of Congress. The New York Times/CBS News Poll showed Democratic incumbent Bill Clinton had an eight point advantage over Republican challenger Bob Dole, 47 to 39 percent.

According to that day's New York Times, Republican operatives began urging candidates to "cut loose" from Dole and focus on down ballot races. This, they said, would help them maintain a majority and avoid giving Clinton control of the House and "a blank check."

Dole was a lost cause.

Come Nov. 8, Republicans kept their majority in Congress. But Dole lost the presidency to Clinton by 229 electoral votes and more than 8.5 percent of the popular vote.

Donald Trump, the current Republican presidential nominee, faces the same discord with many down ballot Republican candidates and operatives. According to the most recent NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll, Trump is losing to Hillary Clinton by 10 points in a two-way race — 51 to 41 percent.

Clinton Ends Day of Campaigning by Watching Cubs Earn World Series Ticket

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton was seen watching the Chicago Cubs earn their ticket to the team's first World Series since 1945.

Clinton was born in Chicago and raised in the suburb of Park Ridge. Her press secretary tweeted a photo of the former secretary of state reacting to the win on a mobile phone while on a plane after a day of campaigning in Pennsylvania. The Cubs beat the Los Angeles Dodgers 5-0 Saturday in Game Six of the NLCS.

While President Barack Obama also has ties to Chicago, he is a White Sox fan.

Hillary Clinton Mask on Pole, Bullseye Poster Seen At Trump Rally

VIRGINIA BEACH, VA — Chants of "lock her up" and the nickname "Crooked Hillary" have become commonplace at Trump rallies. But Saturday afternoon's event here saw a plastic Hillary Clinton mask mounted on a stick, raised above the crowd and bobbing with the crowd's cheers.

Another sign elsewhere in the few thousand person crowd featured a bullseye over a photo of Clinton. The image, which looked like a target, was pasted on to a Trump/Pence sign.

The images appear to show an escalation in anti-Clinton sentiment at these rallies. While Trump has never endorsed violence against Clinton, his words have incited some angry reactions from supporters already inclined to despise the former secretary of state.

Donald Trump Inspires Bathroom Signs at Bill Clinton Rally

Donald Trump's greatest hits from the last debate have inspired new bathroom designations at a community center in Pensacola, Florida, where President Bill Clinton held a rally Saturday.

The typical "MEN" and "WOMEN" signs were replaced with placards that read "BAD HOMBRES" and "NASTY WOMEN."

Trump called rival Hillary Clinton a "nasty woman" during the third and final presidential debate this week while she discussed entitlements. Earlier in the night, as he answered moderator Chris Wallace's question about immigration, he said, "We have some bad hombres here, and we're going to get them out."

The internet and social media have since adopted the phrases, creating a number of memes and merchandise that display the two slogans.

Miley Cyrus Surprises College Students in Support of Clinton

For singer Miley Cyrus, it will only be a "Party in the USA" if her favorite candidate wins the election — and she's doing everything possible to make that happen.

"The Voice" coach went to George Mason University in Fairfax, Virginia, Saturday afternoon to knock on dorm room doors and urge students to vote for Hillary Clinton.

Dressed in a flashy red, white and blue ensemble, Cyrus asked students who they planned to vote for, chatted with them about the consequences of not voting and even played video games with some.

"I'm going from door-to-door right now in support of Hillary and Tim. Are you going to vote? Have you registered to vote? Are you voting here or from out of town? Voting for Clinton and Kaine?" Cyrus asked one student after surprising her at her door.

She bounded from room to room, and also gave Clinton pins as souvenirs to students who said they were supporting her in November.

Clinton: It's My Responsibility to Heal Divided Nation as President

Hillary Clinton has vowed to be the "president for everybody," whether they vote for her or not.

"I don't want to leave anybody behind. I'm going to be the president for the people who vote against me and for me. I take that responsibility hard because I feel there's a place for everyone in America," Clinton told DJ Anjali "Queen B" on Tampa radio station 97.7 FM on Friday.

She said it would require a "greater effort" to accomplish that as the first female president, but feels she is up for the challenge.

Clinton added that she felt responsibility to bring people together amid the adversarial race with Donald Trump, and said she regretted how much the election had divided America.

"I really regret how divisive this campaign has been. Many of the things that have been said by my opponent are hurtful and have set people against each other. I've got the responsibility of not only being commander-in-chief, but I've got to figure out how we'd heal this divide," Clinton said.

The former secretary of state lamented the fact that Americans don't seem to see the "potential in front of us," and instead engage in hateful rhetoric and bullying.

Google Searches for 'Write-In' Surge to Highest Point Since 2004

Even though Bernie Sanders is no longer in the presidential race, many supporters haven't given up on him — or on other options besides Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, data from Google Trends shows.

The data shows that searches for the term "write in," as in write-in candidate, have been growing since August, hitting a peak on October 13 — which happens to be the day after four women accused Republican candidate Donald Trump of touching them inappropriately.

During that week, searches for "write in" rose by 2,800 percent, the highest its been since 2004. Searches for "is Bernie Sanders a write in candidate" rose 2,750 percent and searches for "write in Mike Pence" grew 2,400 percent the same week. Other candidates searched include Mitt Romney and Evan McMullin.

The highest interest is in New Jersey, Vermont, Rhode Island and New Hampshire. All of these states allow write-in candidates.

Write-in votes accounted for 0.11 percent of the vote in 2012. While they have the potential to make some impact on the race, they are rarely counted by states.

Sanders has strongly urged his supporters to back Hillary Clinton, but many have been reluctant to do so.

Trump Jr. Defends Father's Lewd Comments: 'It's a Fact of Life'

Donald Trump Jr. is defending his father's recently unearthed lewd comments about women, calling it a "fact of life" that men talk like that.

The Republican nominee's son spoke Friday to KIRO radio's Dori Monson about the comments, which were caught on a hot microphone on a 2005 "Access Hollywood" videotape. ("Access Hollywood" is owned and distributed by NBCUniversal, the parent company of NBC News and MSNBC.)

The tape, in which Trump is heard boasting about attempting to seduce a married woman, sparked backlash within the GOP and beyond.

"I think we all know guys who have had conversations with other guys that go a little bit in that direction. That's a fact of life," Trump Jr. said.

He asked voters to realize that his father hadn't "spent his whole life" being a politician.

"He hasn't spent his whole life polishing every statement he's ever made and every conversation he's ever had. He doesn't run a focus group so he can tell you what he's thinking. He speaks from the heart," Trump Jr. said, jabbing Clinton for differences in her public and private statements that he said came to light in the leaked emails from her chief of staff, John Podesta.

Of the string of sexual misconduct allegations that have been waged against him, Trump Jr. said, "Obviously, he's not happy" about them.

Trump Jr. said felt his father could still relate to "ordinary Americans" better on "many cases" than Hillary Clinton.

Suspicious Substance Sent to Clinton Campaign HQ Deemed 'Non-Hazardous'

Offices of Hillary Clinton's campaign headquarters in New York were evacuated on Friday evening after receiving a letter with a "white powdered substance," according to officials.

The entire 11th floor was cleared around 5:30 p.m. ET after the unknown substance arrived in a business size envelope to Clinton's Brooklyn headquarters, the NYPD's Office of the Deputy Commissioner, Public Information (DCPI) told NBC News.

"Preliminary testing by federal and local officials has found the substance to be non-hazardous. The four individuals involved have reported no health issues and, following a full examination by medical personnel, were each released to go home," said Clinton spokesperson Glen Caplin. "Our office remained open throughout this period and will remain open without interruption tomorrow morning."