Pence 'Respectfully' Disagrees With Paul Ryan's 'Focus' in the Campaign

In an exclusive interview with NBC News' Kelly O'Donnell, GOP vice presidential nominee Mike Pence said he disagrees with House Speaker Paul Ryan's "focus in this campaign." On Monday, Ryan said he would no longer campaign with Donald Trump or defend him after video of the presidential nominee making sexually aggressive comments about touching and kissing women without their consent was made public.

"Paul Ryan is my friend but, yea, I respectfully disagree with his focus in this campaign," Pence said in an interview with O'Donnell. "Donald Trump and I couldn't be more grateful for the support that we're receiving from people all across this country, including Republican leaders."

Asked about a long list of Republicans who have withdrawn their support from the nominee, Pence said, "I think campaigns are about choices and this is a choice, not just between two people, but it's a choice between two futures. I think what people saw on Sunday night, on that stage, was in Donald Trump, there's a bold vision for a stronger America at home and abroad."


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More Conservative Groups Focus Investments in the Senate

The Associated Builders and Contractors announced a digital advertising buy worth up to $3 million o critical Senate races.

The association that works to protect construction and building trades is one of a growing list of conservative leaning groups that usually endorse in the presidential race but are opting to spend their political dollars down-ballot.

In one of the two ads targeted Democratic candidate Sen. Evan Bayh in the Hoosier State, one "diagnoses" him with "Affluenza."

"You just don't get that kind of personality change with an uninfected person," says a person playing a doctor in the ad. "We ask that if you see him, just be polite and say, 'Senator Bayh, those were bad votes and they hurt Hoosiers.' Just maybe don't shake hands without medical grade gloves."

The ads are targeted for the Senate races in Nevada, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, New Hampshire, Florida and Indiana.

Hillary Clinton to Meet Top Black Lives Matter Activists In Cleveland

Hillary Clinton is scheduled to meet Black Lives Matter activists Brittany Packnett and DeRay McKesson in Cleveland today ahead of her rally, a Clinton aide told NBC News.

"I'm looking forward to the conversation with Hillary Clinton today, following up on the previous in-person meeting," McKesson said in a tweet.

Clinton met with Packnett and McKesson a year ago to address their concerns about the racial and criminal justice issues that have pervaded the U.S., including the protests in Ferguson, Missouri. However, at that time, Packnett, along with Black Lives Matter co-founder Alicia Garza, chose to not endorse Clinton because they were worried about the 1994 crime bill that President Bill Clinton signed into law.

Packnett officially endorsed Clinton Friday, citing Clinton's "path to progress."

Tiger Woods Plays Coy When Asked If He Has Golfed With Trump

Legendary golfer Tiger Woods wouldn't say whether he has played golf with Donald Trump in an interview Thursday with "Late Show" host Stephen Colbert.

Colbert asked Woods to review the golf game of various presidents, before finally asking if he has played with the current GOP nominee.

"You said president," Woods said, smiling.

During a rapid-fire part of the interview, Woods described George H.W. Bush's golf game as "fast" and called President Obama "straight" and extremely competitive." He said he had never played with George W. Bush.

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Khizr Khan to Trump: Would My Son Be Welcome in Your America?

Khizr Khan, the father of a fallen Muslim-American soldier, appeared in a video released by the Hillary Clinton campaign this week.

In the emotional video, Khan flips through pictures of his son, recalling his service in Iraq. Khan first told the story of his son at the Democratic National Convention, where he challenged Donald Trump over his proposal to ban Muslims from entering the U.S.

With his voice shaking, Khan concludes the video: "I want to ask Mr. Trump, would my son have a place in your America?"

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Texas GOP Rep: 'Sometimes a Lady Needs to Be Told When She's Being Nasty'

A Texas Republican says Donald Trump was not wrong to call Hillary Clinton a "nasty woman" at the final presidential debate because "sometimes a lady needs to be told when she's being nasty."

In an interview on the Alan Colmes Show Thursday, Rep. Brian Babin said Clinton is "saying some nasty things."

Asked if Trump's remark about Clinton was appropriate, Babin described himself as a "genteel Southern gentleman."

"I think sometimes a lady needs to be told when she's being nasty," he added.

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Trump Promises to Accept Election Results 'If I Win'

Donald Trump pledged on Thursday to "totally accept" the results of the 2016 election "if I win," further breaking with precedent in American politics.

"Ladies and gentlemen, I want to make a major announcement today," Trump said at a rally in Ohio. "I would like to promise and pledge to all of my voters and supporters and to all of the people of the United States that I will totally accept the results of this great and historic presidential election — if I win."

During the final debate on Wednesday, Trump refused to say if he will accept the outcome of the election, saying "I will keep you in suspense." Several prominent Republicans, including 2008 GOP nominee John McCain, have criticized Trump over the comment.

Trump called on Clinton to "resign from the race" over claims that she was given debate questions ahead of time.

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Trump in May: I Don't Call System Rigged Anymore 'Because I Won'

Donald Trump has a well-recorded history of suggesting that the electoral process is rigged — but he's also dismissed those complaints after winning a contest he'd previously derided.

At a May 2016 rally in Charleston, WV, shortly after he secured enough delegates to become the presumptive Republican nominee, Trump mused on his past claims of a "rigged system" within the GOP primary.

"Now I don't say it anymore because I won," Trump said. "Ok. It's true. You know now I don't care. I don't care."

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Trump Claims Clinton 'Secretly Used' Debate Questions

Donald Trump accused Hillary Clinton of having advance notice of the debate questions, a claim for which he offered no evidence.

"Why didn't Hillary Clinton announce that she was inappropriately given the debate questions -- she secretly used them! Crooked Hillary," Trump tweeted Thursday morning.

Wednesday night's debate was more civil and policy-focused than previous match-ups, but Trump generated controversy by refusing to unequivocally accept the results on Election Day. "I will keep you in suspense," he said.

Airplane Passengers Tune Into the Debate Above the Clouds

A majority of passengers on a Virgin America flight from New York to San Francisco were tuning into the third and final presidential debate in the sky.

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Catch Up On the Final Presidential Debate

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump traded barbs Wednesday night in Las Vegas in the third and final presidential debate.

Here's what you missed.