Video: Behind-the-scenes at a crash test

Dec. 2, 2005 | 6:09 p.m. ET

Crashing a Lexus at the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety

Producer Matt Fields goes behind-the-scenes at the IIHS, and previews Dec. 4, Sunday's report on the the institute's top safety pics. (Click on the video, on the right.)

For more of Dateline's consumer reports, click here.

November 18, 2005 | 9:30 p.m. ET

On location in Lennon's backyard (Rayner Ramirez, Dateline producer)

Video: VLog: Strawberry Fields forever

The intersection 72nd Street and Central Park West in New York City is the mecca for Lennon fans.  On the Northwest corner stands the Dakota, the exclusive apartment building that was home to John Lennon and Yoko Ono.  On the Northeast corner is Strawberry Fields, two and a half acres within Central Park dedicated to the late singer in 1981.  Landscaped in the shape of a teardrop, its centerpiece is the Imagine mosaic where fans, musicians and tourist would gather to pay tribute.  You’d often find flowers on the mosaic but when we were there on  a shoot some skateboarders actually dropped some change onto it as if it were a wishing well. 

72nd Street and Central Park West was also the location of several shoots for Dateline’s "The Man Who Shot John Lennon." The first video blog, above or click here , takes you on a quick tour of this intersection. 

The second , below, takes you behind the scenes of shooting the anchor introductions on location. 

Video: VLog: Behind the scenes

November 11, 2005 | 6:30 p.m. ET

Outside studio 3B (Rayner Ramirez, Dateline producer)

Video: From these sacred surroundings

Dateline NBC took the studio outside of Rockefeller Plaza to anchor the story on the birth of Jesus Christ . That means that Stone Phillips and Ann Curry would present the introductions to the story outside the normal studio setting to give the show a different feel.  It takes a lot of resources, effort and coordination to get this done.  But the most important part is finding the right location to go with the story. 

Dateline producers Soraya Gage and Biju Mathew found the Church of the Intercession on 155th Street and Broadway in New York City.  The Gothic-Revival style Church is surrounded by Trinity cemetery, the only active cemetery remaining in Manhattan. Coincidentally, the church and cemetery is connected to one of the other greatest stories ever told that becomes ubiquitous in American culture this time of year.   

The man who popularized the image of the jolly and rotund Santa Claus in America with the poem  “A Visit From Saint Nicholas” better known as “‘'Twas the Night Before Christmas” is buried here. 

Rayner Ramirez / Dateline

Historians say that Clement Clarke Moore, an academic, originally wrote the poem for his children in 1822 and was then published anonymously for years because he didn’t want to ruin his academic reputation. But, alas, we have been illuminated by his vision that comes on the eve of Christmas. 

To transform the interior of Church of the Intercession to what you will see on television took a flood of lights the equivalent of one thousand 100-watt light bulbs. What you don’t see is the hours of work that the executive producer, multiple producers, production managers, a director, director of photography, three cameras, a jib, track, six grips, six electricians, a power generator, writers, teleprompter operator, hair, wardrobe and make-up artists and the anchors who made it all happen. 

Watch this short video and you’ll get to meet some of the folks who work tirelessly behind-the-scenes. 


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