updated 11/12/2005 1:10:13 AM ET 2005-11-12T06:10:13

A high school has rescinded a rule that prohibited students from wearing rosary beads a week after administrators prohibited them as symbols of potential gang involvement.

Officials at Chelan High School said they acted too hastily when they imposed the ban after a training session with a police officer, who warned rosary beads worn around the neck can be a sign of gang activity, particularly among Latinos.

But several students challenged the new dress code, sparking debate among school officials, parents and members of the clergy.

“We need to do a better job of communicating when we make changes,” Principal Tim Berndt said. “I didn’t go through all the proper steps of notification.”

The district dropped the rosary rule Monday, as well as bans on other symbols, including an owl, the numbers 13, 14 and 18, and several sports jerseys of famous players.

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