Video: Porn on your pod
updated 11/16/2005 9:27:45 AM ET 2005-11-16T14:27:45

From music videos to adult videos, get ready for a XXX-world where size doesn't matter.

You might not know you need portable porn, but now, you can get it.

Anywhere, anytime.

“It's no surprise when the porn industry goes anywhere cause they're good at making money with emerging technologies,” according to Cnet’s Brian Cooley.

Now, they're going everywhere with short adult video clips that can be downloaded from the internet, for your cell phones and digital media players, like the iPod.

“Portable pornography will explode,” said Parry Aftab of  “You can take it with you to work, to school, on the go.”

Adult content on the web is already a $2.5 billion business.  But will that translate from the computer screen to the small screen?

“I don’t know how many people have said ‘gee I wish I could watch a porn loop on the bus.’  It doesn’t make any sense,” said Cooley.

Maybe not, but one online website features amateur pinup girls in revealing, three to five minute video clips.  It reportedly logged 500,000 downloads in their first 24 hours of targeting iPod users.

If you're a parent, experts say it's time to pay attention because those users could be your kids.

Members of the CTIA, the Cellular Telecommunications and Internet Association, have already announced a voluntary pledge to proactively provide tools and controls to manage wireless content offered by the carriers or available via Internet-enabled wireless devices.

But that may not be enough.

“This is not the old Playboy magazine we used to hide under the mattress,” said Parry.  “What our kids will see, will be a lot worse than anything we'd every dreamed they could see.”

Though since iPods get all information downloaded from a computer, retailers say parental supervision at home can make the difference.

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