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Family and friends of Natalee Holloway, missing in Aruba for nearly six months, spent Wednesday taking down yellow ribbons that have been hanging in Natalee's hometown since she was last seen on May 30.

This comes just days after the Alabama governor called for a boycott of Aruba and after Natalee's family demanded a new team take over the investigation into her disappearance.

On Wednesday evening, Natalee's mother, Beth Twitty, joined MSNBC's Dan Abrams on 'The Abrams Report,' to discuss the latest in the case.

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DAN ABRAMS: Beth thanks for coming on the program.  First, let me say I'm sorry we didn't get to see each other in person.  I know we had hoped to that and I'm sorry that wasn't able to work out. 


ABRAMS:  First, let me ask you about the yellow ribbons.  Why are they being taken down? 

TWITTY:  Well, it's been a concern of the community that the ribbons are starting to fade and this was now a way to show support and pledge for Natalee by turning these ribbons in, by signing them and stating that, you know, that they support our decision in the boycott of Aruba and I think that just shows the strength that the community has and how strong our feelings are and that this is the right move forward for right now. 

ABRAMS:  There was a whole bunch of chatter on the Internet.  I know you got a lot of calls about this today about some rumor that Natalee may have been found in Mexico.  That's not true, right? 

TWITTY:   Absolutely.  And the end of this rumor came from Aruba.  You know, it just shows their irresponsibility they have had from the beginning in handling this investigation. 

ABRAMS:  All right.  I want to ask you about something because I know that Dr. Phil's going to be having a special later in this week about this case with you and you can't talk about details of that I know, but you can talk about what he said on "The Tonight Show" back on November 2.  Let me play that piece of sound for my viewers and then I want to talk to you about that.

--Begin video clip--
DR. PHIL MCGRAW, HOST, "DR. PHIL":  Without creating false hope, we have reasonable belief and some credible evidence that Natalee Holloway is alive.  We cannot prove that at this point and we don't know where she is, but you know, there is a huge sex slave underground in some of those countries down there.  Young women have disappeared from that part of the world before and we have reasonable cause to believe that she may well be alive. 
--End video clip--

ABRAMS:  What do you make of that, Beth? 

TWITTY:   Well, Dan, we have really worked hard to follow every lead that we have had in regards to Natalee, whether she is alive or not alive and you know, if we get one tip out of 100 that has her alive, Dan, we follow it because we have to rule it out or in.  And the more that we are systematically ruling these out, you know it just shows that we're putting forth ever effort we can into finding Natalee and as we rule out a tip that comes in that we think she may be alive, I mean you know Dan, it just shows more and more that these suspects could have then committed murder on the island also.

ABRAMS:  Well and that's what I was going to ask you.  Because if he's right and I understand that there's going to be something about some sort of audiotape or a phone tape with someone that sounds maybe like they're saying I'm Natalee that Dr. Phil's going to talk about tomorrow.  But if that's the case, if there's something like that out, that would mean that Joran and Satish and Deepak didn't do it.

TWITTY:   Well, correct, but as we have all these pieces of information carefully analyzed through the FBI through Quantico, then we can rule them out or in.  And if we rule it out, Dan, then we're looking at more and more that these suspects have committed murder.

ABRAMS:  So, again, when you say rule out, which I think is the only way really to look at this ... because at this point, all you can is begin to start ruling out certain things, but he's saying that he's got reasonable belief and credible evidence that Natalee is alive.  I was a bit critical of him when he made that statement.  I think it's very different to say look, we're getting in tips.  We've got to rule it out. 

He's saying there's credible evidence to believe it.  That seems to me to be a step beyond that. 

TWITTY:   Well, but as I listen to his interview, he did say as he closed it, if Natalee's alive, we need to find her.  But if she's not, we need answers.  So you know we're just not definitive, Dan, and whether it's a 20 percent chance or a one percent chance that we get a tip that Natalee's alive, we have to go on it. 

ABRAMS:  As you know, Deputy Chief Dompig, who you're not a big fan of, has been on this program.  He was on (The 'Abrams Report') on Nov. 2.  Let me play one quick piece of sound from him and then I want you to be able to respond. 

--Begin video clip--
GEROLD DOMPIG, ARUBAN DEPUTY POLICE CHIEF:  I think anybody should understand and can understand that we have made a lot of efforts to conduct a professional investigation and in any case, we have given the family every chance to sit with us and to take their statement.
--End video clip--

ABRAMS:  You say that's not true, Beth, right?

TWITTY:   Well, you know Dan, you can say that with words, but when you show it with actions as the investigative team did and the prosecuting attorney by arresting two innocent black security guards, and mishandling this case from the beginning, their words don't mean anything, Dan.  It's their actions that speak loudly and clearly...

ABRAMS:  Is there going to be a new team?  I mean you had demanded -- you and Dave together actually demanded -- a new team of investigators, et cetera.  We heard that there was going to-they were going to do that.  Do you know anything more about that? 

TWITTY:   Well we so strongly want that, Dan, and the reason why we're thinking that needs to happen quickly because if these suspects are rearrested and reinterrogated, we will be no further along with the current investigative team and prosecuting attorney on board than we were day one, Dan.

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