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  • Get the recommended vaccines well before departure.
  • Take a kit with medicines for common problems: diarrhea, colds, motion sickness, upset stomach, cuts and scrapes, bug bites, pain, sunburn.
  • Drink only canned or bottled beverages or ones made with boiled water. Never use ice. Wipe off cans and bottles before drinking.
  • Use bottled water to brush your teeth.
  • Don’t swim in stagnant or polluted water or after a heavy rainfall. Use goggles and nose and ear plugs. Shower before and after. Wash cuts with clean water and soap.
  • Avoid raw foods (salads, uncooked vegetables), unpasteurized milk and cheese, undercooked or raw meat or fish, mayonnaise and dressings. Eat food that is cooked and still hot, and fruit that you have to peel.
  • Don’t buy food or drinks from street vendors.
  • Use insect repellent with DEET to prevent mosquito and tick bites.
  • Check your medical coverage. Most private insurers and Medicare don’t cover costs outside the United States. Consider travel insurance.
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