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I'm here to talk you out of this.

It all seems too much of a longshot. Too hard. The idea that you could film something important to you, and people would listen is not very likely. So if anything can talk you out of this... let it.

The "FYI - Film Your Issue" program is designed to bring your voice into the arena. It's about questions you want to ask or you want answered. It belongs to you.

There's not much riding on it. Just the state of the world. The condition of your country. Your town. Your home.

You can decide that these issues are all too big for one person to change. You're probably right. In fact, I bet you could find a lot of people who would agree with you. And each of them could find a lot more people that would say that one voice can't be heard.

You could form clubs based on the fact that the toughest problems in the world are just too much for one person to change. Maybe form a national board... with committees and a caucus and even a building... they might even put a statue of you on the front lawn to commemorate the first person to properly articulate how little one person can effect change...

... stand it across the street from a courthouse with a tiny little plaque with two words on it ... Rosa Parks

I can't wait to see your films.

George Clooney     
January 2006


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