This November, Americans will set the direction for the country.  We will vote our confidence in President Bush's Republicans or to change course.  Our vote will shape the battlefield for what promises to be one of the greatest presidential elections in history.  What will we say?  How will we decide?  Who will we trust?  To find out first Hardball will hit the road to the hottest races:  
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  • To Texas to watch Tom Delay battle for re-election and against the prosecutor;
  • To Pennsylvania to hear from Senator Rick Santorum as he fights an uphill battle in the polls;
  • To California to check on Governor Schwarzenegger’s tough re-election race for a full term;
  • To Ohio to survey the damage of the Abramoff scandal;
  • To New York to measure Senator Hillary Clinton’s re-elect margin;
  • To Florida to see Congresswoman Katherine Harris try to oust Senator Bill Nelson.

And the biggest race of all: Control of Congress.  Will President Bush’s Republicans keep control of the House?  

And what direction will the country take in 2006, for another Republican victory in 2008 or an historic change in power?


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