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'Big Pimpin Pappy' was once on top of the pimping world.   By one estimation, he controlled 90 percent of the escort business in Florida's Broward County.   Then he was arrested, sent to prison and then eventually deported back to his home country the Netherlands.

Now he wants someone to pay for this trouble, namely the very customers who made him rich. 'Big Pimpin Pappy' is suing the johns who is he said broke the law and led to his arrest. 

Montgomery Sibley, attorney for 'Big Pimpin Pappy' who is otherwise known as Arthur Vanmoore, joined ‘The Situation’ Wednesday to explain his client’s case.

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TUCKER CARLSON, HOST, ‘SITUATION’:  So 'Big Pimpin Pappy''s contention is it's the johns who is broke the law, not him.  How does that work? 

MONTGOMERY SIBLEY, ATTORNEY:  Well, when customers of the  dating service agree to pay for the service, they...

CARLSON:  Wait, what's the service, by the way? 

SIBLEY:  The service is having some time with an attractive woman.  

CARLSON:  OK.  Having sex with an attractive woman, correct?

SIBLEY:  That is not correct. This is an escort service.  This isn't women walking on the street, showing their wares and negotiating through car windows.  This is an out-call service that only goes to name brand hotels or people's houses and nowhere else.

And when they give their credit  cards, their thumbprint and their driver's license ID, prior to the meeting being   arranged, they ultimately sign   a piece of paper, with the  credit card slip, and that piece  of paper under oath promises   they won't engage in illegal  activity.  

CARLSON:  But this was a prostitution ring, as you're aware, everyone is aware.   The Broward County sheriff’s office found a piece of paper in your client's office that had rules for the   prostitute who is worked for   him.  Some that were quite explicitly sexual, as you know. This guy was a pimp.   I am not attacking him for that.   But are you honestly pretending  he didn't know he was in the   prostitution business? 

SIBLEY:  Well, I'm drawing the line before he was arrest, Tucker, and then after he was arrested and was cleaning up the business.   And the pre-arrest stuff is in the history that's gone.

We're talking after his arrest   in June 2003 and the business changed remarkably after that. 

CARLSON:  So why would people pay just to spend time with an attractive woman?   Pay a lot, by the way.  This was an expensive service just to sit and talk, about, say current events or sports?

I mean, is your contention really—this guy, your client, 'Big Pimpin Pappy' believed men were paying just to kind out hang out with women and he's shocked to learn  that some intended to have sex   with these girls? 

SIBLEY:  Well, in fact, Tucker that is exactly what the business is.   If they want to have illegal sex with prostitutes, they can go down on the street.  If they want to have quality   time with a quality woman, that  is what they call an escort  service for. 

CARLSON:  You sound like you took down on these men.   That they would somehow get the idea that just because you call an escort service, you found in the yellow pages and have a girl in a tube top and a vinyl skirt come over to your hotel room that somehow they got the  idea sex was involved.  You sound like you’re unimpressed with their   judgment.  

SIBLEY:  Well, Tucker, is that what the girls looks like that come to your hotel   room?  

CARLSON:  I don't have girls come to my hotel room whom I'm not married to.

The point is I can't believe you're blaming the victims here.  These guys paid money to your client so he can get rich selling sex and now you're   saying it's their fault that he got busted for being a pimp.  That's pretty over the top, even by the standard of American lawyers, don't you think?

SIBLEY:  I don't think, Tucker.   He was not selling sex.   They're selling companionship.  And the proof of the pudding in that is sometimes the companionship will go on for   several days.   And you couldn't possibly have as much sex as that companionship would be.   There's a big boat show down there, which is one of the biggest weeks, I understand, for the dating service.  And it's about having attractive women to keep you company during these periods of time.  

CARLSON: Can you outline some of the   things these clients were doing with the women?  Watching television? Going to the movies? Going out dinner?

SIBLEY: Well, Tucker, to be fair, there is a range of legal sexual activity for hire that’s permitted in the state of Florida. 

And presumably that is what they engage in.   And they're limited to being engaged in.   That's when they engage in   illegal sexual activity, that's another story.  And that's what they promise   not to do and the escorts promise not to do when they're   employed by the dating service.  

CARLSON:  That's just outrageous.  And both those group, the johns and the hookers pulled   the wool right over the eyes of your client.  And I have to say I'm glad you're there defending him. 

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