Video: Picking the next president

By Chris Matthews Host of 'Hardball'
updated 3/13/2006 12:01:37 PM ET 2006-03-13T17:01:37

The Southern Republican Leadership Conference in Memphis played its part in the 2008 presidential race. Now we know which Republicans are running!

Tennessee Sen. Bill Frist did what he had to do: win at home.

Gov. Mitt Romney also did what he had to do: show that a Mormon governor of Massachusetts can compete in the Bible Belt.

Virginia Sen. George Allen showed he could rouse a crowd. The son of the legendary NFL coach delivered a halftime speech worthy of Knute Rockne.

Arizona Sen. John McCain did what he had to do by endorsing a write-in of President Bush in The Hotline straw poll on Saturday. He showed loyalty to a weakened Republican president and he saved himself from a loss.

As for President Bush, the weekend event in Memphis was a united get-well card from a party that feels Bush’s pain and fears that it will share that pain this November.

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