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Before booking a hotel room, you may want to read user reviews of the particular hotel and location — frequently, guests who’ve had bug problems report them online. Bear in mind that a report about one hotel does not mean the issue wasn’t isolated to one room, or that hotel management hasn’t since exterminated.

To find out if a hotel has bed bugs, check out TripAdvisor. These hotel reviews mentioned bedbugs, but you can also search by specific hotels and locations. Also, you can report bed bug tips and read more on HotelChatter.

Bedbugs are biting back
Nov. 28: NBC's Dawn Fratangelo reports that New York City residents are losing sleep over an invasion of blood-seeking bedbugs.
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  Strangers in the night
Legions of tiny bloodsucking bugs are biting their way through America, leaving unsuspecting victims with itchy bites. View pictures of the bed bugs and what an infestation might look like.

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  Mattress autopsy to see what's hiding inside
Rick Cooper and Jeff White slice and dice used mattresses to see what's hiding inside.
  It grows in your mattress!
Dr. Philip Tierno describes the various bacteria that can grow in used mattresses.
  Where bedbugs hide
Exterminators Rick Cooper and Jeff White discuss the favorite hiding places of bedbugs.
  How dogs sniff out bed bugs
Watch how these specially trained dogs learn to sniff out bed bugs.
  Confronting bed bug mattresses seller
Dateline confronts the owner of Brooklyn Sleep Products about its contaminated mattresses.
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