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Internet Hoax Warns of Lost Obama Votes

Internet users are being cautioned to ignore a fake warning that may cause confusion among voters in today's United States general election. "In the event that you are planning to vote Democrat on Nov. 6 when you go into the voting booths, DO NOT SELECT ...

What is a 'Catfish' hoax? How Manti Te'o story links to film, TV show

As the sports world reacts to the unraveling of the legend surrounding Notre Dame football standout Manti Te'o and his role in what appears to be an elaborate Internet hoax, the term "Catfish" keeps rising to the surface. There's a reason why, and it has ...

Dead teen's Web behavior a focus in trial

LOS ANGELES — The mother of a Missouri girl who committed suicide after being targeted by an Internet hoax testified Thursday that she was unaware that her daughter had posed as an 18-year-old while allegedly trying to chat online with boys. Tina Meier ...

Kids: Stop pouring vodka into your eyeballs

Some think this may just be an Internet hoax, but others aren't so sure. (After all, vodka eyeballing even has a Wikipedia page now, and we all know everything on Wikipedia is always true. Right?) You can watch the clip below.

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