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Ensign: 'I couldn't put my family through this'

Republican Sen. John Ensign announced Monday that he will not seek re-election in 2012 but that he will serve out the remainder of his term. “I just came to the conclusion that I couldn't put my family through this," said the Nevada senator, who said ...

Ensign admits affair, claims extortion

Republicans on Capitol Hill have been told that Nevada Sen. John Ensign will admit to an extramarital affair at his news conference at 6:30 pm ET in Nevada, according to Capitol Hill sources. NBC News has confirmed that Ensign told other senators earlier ...

Ensign may find it tough to move on

WASHINGTON — Sen. John Ensign has been quick to describe his dalliance with an aide in brief and simple terms. The affair is over. The apologies made and accepted. No questions will be answered, the married Nevada Republican said in his brief admission ...

Ensign says mistress' husband wanted money

In a statement, Ensign spokesman Tory Mazzola said the demands from an attorney for Doug Hampton were made within the past month. "The demands were referred to Senator Ensign's legal counsel, who is handling the matter going forward," the statement said.

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Ensign Magazine of the LDS Church | Past and Current Issues

Updated 11 hours ago

The Ensign magazine of the LDS church contains first presidency messages, visiting teaching messages, and other spiritual articles.

Ensign (rank) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Updated April. 18, 2014

Ensign late 14c., via Scottish, from Old French enseigne (12c.) "mark, symbol, signal; flag, standard, pennant," from Latin insignia (plural) is a junior rank of a ...

Ensign | Define Ensign at

Updated 21 hours ago

ensign (ˈɛnsaɪn) —n: 1. Red Ensign See also White Ensign a flag flown by a ship, branch of the armed forces, etc, to indicate nationality, allegiance, etc

Ensign - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Updated 4 hours ago

An ensign is a national flag when used at sea, in vexillology, or a distinguishing token, emblem, or badge, such as a symbol of office in heraldry. The word has also ...