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Obama takes tougher line against Gaza casualties

Updated 15 hours ago

Lawmakers are also seeking to push through a $225 million missile defense package for Israel. Even as the White House raises concerns about the civilian casualties, the administration is helping Israel resupply its ammunition stockpiles. A defense official ...

Malaysian airliner downing puts spotlight on Buk missile system

On June 29, Russian newswire ITAR-TASS quoted separatists in Donetsk in eastern Ukraine, not far from where the plane went down, as saying they had seized control of a missile defense army unit equipped with the Buk system. Ukrainian Interior ...

Senate panel doubles money for Israel's Iron Dome

WASHINGTON — Congress is showing tangible support for longtime ally Israel as Gaza militants fire rockets, backing a measure that would double the amount of money for Israel's Iron Dome missile defense system. The Senate Appropriations defense ...

U.S. scrambles to determine who fired Russian-made missile at jet

An official said the satellites used to detect the missile, known as Defense Support Program (or DSP) satellites, orbit the Earth around 36,000 kilometers over the equator, and are operated from a control station at Buckley Air Force base in Colorado.

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Missile defense - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Updated July. 30, 2014

Missile defense is a system, weapon, or technology involved in the detection, tracking, interception, and destruction of attacking missiles. Originally conceived as a ...

Missile Defense Agency - U.S. Department of Defense

Updated July. 30, 2014

The Missile Defense Agency has fielded an initial capability to protect the U.S and our allies against limited ballistic missile attack.

United States national missile defense - Wikipedia, the ...

Updated July. 28, 2014

National missile defense (NMD) is a generic term for a type of missile defense intended to shield an entire country against incoming missiles, such as ...

Raytheon Company: Missile Defense

Updated 11 hours ago

Mission: Global Defense. Protecting our homeland. Defending our allies. Safeguarding trade. Our air and missile defense systems have one mission: providing peace of mind.