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UFOs and Beyond: Apollo 14 Astronaut Ed Mitchell Is Looking Up

He also acknowledges, however, that he has no firsthand experience when it comes to aliens or UFOs. Instead, he prefers to address the "life in the universe" question more generally, based on the discoveries made by planet-hunting efforts such as NASA's ...

Scientists Probe Depths of Mysterious Hole in Siberia

Conspiracy theorists who thought bombs or UFOs might be involved will be disappointed to hear the team's initial judgment: "There is nothing mysterious here," said Andrey Plekhanov, one of the researchers, speaking with the Siberian Times. "It is simply ...

Deep Mystery: Theories Fly Over Giant Black Hole in Siberia

And there are the usual out-there theories of UFOs and the like. But the real cause of the hole may simply be the area's unique geology. One Australian scientist said it looked like a collapsed "pingo," which is a huge chunk of ice that sits under the soil.

UFO cases that generate buzz

Click onward to learn about seven more UFO cases through time that generated buzz. In the 1800s, sightings of UFOs, called airships, streamed in from across the United States, according to Mark Easter, a field researcher and international director of ...

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UFO EVIDENCE - Scientific Study of the UFO Phenomenon

Updated July. 25, 2014

UFO Evidence presents in-depth and quality research, resources, news and information on the UFO phenomenon. It is one of the largest internet sites on the UFO subject.

Unidentified flying object - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Updated July. 28, 2014

An unidentified flying object, or UFO, in its most general definition, is any apparent anomaly in the sky that is not identifiable as a known object or phenomenon.

Real UFOs - The latest UFO videos and News from all over ...

Updated July. 28, 2014

Real UFOs the latest UFO videos and news from around the world. OVNIs OVNI ufo photos

UFOs and Aliens

Updated July. 28, 2014

UFO Crash Cases. We have all heard about our government and others quickly rushing in and cleaning up a debris field from a UFO crash; literally vacuuming up the ...