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Openings begin in US trial of Egyptian preacher

Updated 3 hours ago

The prosecutor said Mustafa, 55, arranged satellite communications for kidnappers in Yemen in a 1998 attack that killed four people, directed others to set up an al-Qaida training camp in Bly, Ore., in late 1999 and early 2000, and arranged for fighters to ...

New Video Shows U.S. Still Al Qaeda's Top Target, But What Else Is New?

Updated 14 hours ago

The latest video to surface from al-Qaeda clearly shows that taking down the United States is still a number one priority for the terror network, American officials and experts said Wednesday. "The rhetoric captured in the recent video indicates that ...

No verdict yet in al-Qaida spokesman's terror case

NEW YORK — Jurors began deliberations Tuesday in the terrorism trial of Osama bin Laden's son-in-law but ended the day without reaching a verdict on charges he conspired to kill Americans and aid al-Qaida as its spokesman after the Sept. 11 attacks.

Jury to be picked in NY trial of Egyptian preacher

NEW YORK — Jury selection begins Monday in the trial of a disabled Egyptian Islamic preacher extradited from Great Britain on charges he conspired to support al-Qaida, in part by trying to create a training camp in Oregon 15 years ago. The trial of ...

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Al-Qaeda - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Updated April. 15, 2014

al-Qaeda's name can also be transliterated as al-Qaida, al-Qa'ida, el-Qaida, or al-Qaeda. The name comes from ...

Al-Qaida | World news | The Guardian

Updated April. 15, 2014

14 Apr 2014: Radical cleric extradited from the UK faces charges he conspired to support al-Qaida by setting up training camps in Oregon

Al-Qaida / Al-Qaeda (The Base) -

Updated April. 15, 2014

Al-Qaida / Al-Qaeda (The Base) al Qadr Group for the Preservation of the Holy Sites International Islamic Front for Jihad Against Jews and Crusaders

Al-Qaïda — Wikipédia

Updated April. 13, 2014

Al-Qaïda (arabe : القاعدة al-Qā'ida, « la Base ») est un mouvement islamiste fondé par le cheikh Abdullah Yusuf Azzam et son élève Oussama ben Laden en 1987