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Destroying Syria's chemical weapons: Will Albania say yes to toxic waste facility?

THE HAGUE, Netherlands -- Discussions to work out a detailed plan to destroy Syria's chemical weapons were on hold Friday as Albania considered a politically loaded U.S. request to host a facility that will process thousands of tons of toxic waste.

Albania marks independence with giant cake and quarrels

Reuters reports — The foreign minister of neighboring Greece boycotted festivities on Wednesday marking 100 years of Albania's independence after its prime minister hailed a town over the border as "Albanian lands". Ethnic Albanians from across the ...

WWII freighter wreck found off Albania?

TIRANA, Albania — Using undersea scanning devices, archaeologists from the U.S. and Albania believe they have found the wreckage of an Italian ship that British forces torpedoed during World War II when Albania was occupied by Mussolini's Fascists.

Albania minister resigns over deadly blast

TIRANA, AlbaniaAlbania's defense minister resigned Monday, two days after a series of explosions at a weapons depot killed at least 15 people, injured hundreds and littered the region with shrapnel and unexploded ammunitions. At least 10 people were ...

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Albania - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Updated 13 hours ago

Albania (, officially known as the Republic of Albania, is a country in Southeastern Europe. It is bordered by Montenegro to the northwest, Kosovo to the northeast ...

Visit Albania

Updated April. 19, 2014

Project that aims to develop and promote the tourism industry and knowledge in the country. Includes information on the country, travel and lodging.

The World Factbook - Central Intelligence Agency

Updated April. 16, 2014

Albania declared its independence from the Ottoman Empire in 1912, but was conquered by Italy in 1939, and occupied by Germany in 1943. Communist partisans took over ...

Albania: Maps, History, Geography, Government, Culture ...

Updated April. 19, 2014

Information on Albania — geography, history, politics, government, economy, population statistics, culture, religion, languages, largest cities, as well as a map ...