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Happy Birthday, Landsat: Space Science Project Turns 42

Today, Landsat data is used to study everything from glaciers to rainforests. Images from the satellites have revealed mountain ranges in Antarctica and previously unmapped volcanoes. Instrumentation has improved, too: Landsat 8 carries instruments that ...

Unhappy Feet: Climate Change Threatens Emperor Penguins

Climate change, which is quickly melting the sea ice this species depends on for survival, could cause dramatic drops in the number of emperor penguins across Antarctica by the end of the century, a new study finds. Specifically, more than two-thirds of ...

The 10 purest places on Earth

From the ice sheet of Antarctica to the jungles of Papua New Guinea, here are some of the most pristine places on the planet. Namibia is one of the most sparsely populated countries in the world. The southern African country gets its name comes from the ...

10 deep-sea secrets revealed

Many deep ocean octopuses trace their origins back to relatives that swam in the waters around Antarctica. The migration began about 30 million years ago when the continent cooled and large ice sheets grew, forcing octopuses there into ever deeper waters.

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Antarctica - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Updated July. 24, 2014

Antarctica [Note 1] is Earth's southernmost continent, containing the geographic South Pole. It is situated in the Antarctic region of the Southern Hemisphere, almost ...

Cool Antarctica, pictures of Antarctica, facts and travel ...

Updated 4 hours ago

Cool Antarctica, The continent, pictures, weather, facts, information, clothing, food, and travel guide. Your one stop guide to all the southernmost continent has to ...

Antarctica : Facts About the Coldest Continent | LiveScience

Updated July. 22, 2014

The coldest, windiest, and driest continent, Antarctica contains 90 percent of all of the ice on the planet in an area just under one and a half times the size of the ...

The Antarctic - Lonely Planet

Updated 3 hours ago

Book Antarctica travel guide Preserved for peace and science, this ice-crowned continent offers inspiration, adventure and perspective. Wildlife roams freely ...