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Exclusive: Upstart trading venue IEX may prompt U.S. market rule change

Updated 12 hours ago

PSX's market share was closer to 0.5 percent, according to BATS Global Markets data. The source familiar with the SEC's thinking on the matter said PSX may have been ahead of its time. The regulator now will likely look at the IEX case with the perspective ...

What Is Ebola? Six Things You Need to Know

We Don’t Know Where It Came From. Bats are the No. 1 suspect, but it is not clear how Ebola jumps from animals to people. Bush meat is one possibility — Ebola can infect apes and monkeys, and people in affected areas often hunt for food. Antelope and ...

Survival of the Flight Test: Airplanes Evolve, Too

The researchers found that airplanes follow the same principles as birds, bats and other flying animals: Larger designs are faster, more efficient and have greater flying range. Engine mass is proportional to the airplane's mass, in much the same way that ...

Wall Street ends flat on mixed earnings; S&P 500 at record

About 5.58 billion shares traded on all U.S. platforms, according to BATS exchange data, compared with the month-to-date average of 5.54 billion.

S&P 500, Nasdaq dip on Yellen's comments; Apple up late

Revenue is seen up 3.2 percent. About 6 billion shares traded on U.S. exchanges, above the 5.32 billion average for the month to date, according to data from BATS Global Markets.

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Waugh Drive Bat Colony - Houston

Updated July. 22, 2014

“The Waugh Bridge Bat Colony” consists of Mexican free-tailed bats that emerge nightly to stretch their wings & feed on area insects.

Senior League Baseball Bats | Hock Sports

Updated July. 23, 2014

Lowest Price Senior League Baseball Bats, Lowest Price Combat Sports Senior League Bat, Lowest Price Easton Senior League Bat, Lowest Price DeMarini Senior League Bat ...

Deadly new MERS virus traced to Egyptian tomb bat - NBC News

Updated July. 19, 2014

“We think bats are the source but we need an intermediate host,” Memish said.

Why are thousands of bats dying in New York? - Technology ...

Updated July. 17, 2014

Bats in New York and Vermont are mysteriously dying off by the thousands, often with a white ring of fungus around their noses, and scientists in hazmat suits are ...

DNA of longest-living bat species holds secrets to longevity

Updated July. 22, 2014

These same genetic changes also may be responsible for the bats' small size: Mutations in GHR in mice and humans result in dwarfism, the researchers said.

Marucci Youth Big Barrel 2 5/8 Inch Bats -

Updated July. 21, 2014

Product Listing for 11 Available Marucci Youth Big Barrel 2 5/8 Inch Bats from the JustBats Catalog.

Bat hunting in the Philippines - NBC News

Updated July. 23, 2014

In Tarlac, bats, along with field rats, frogs, pythons and crickets are part of the same lowland forest food chain, and have long been part of the regional cuisine.

Exotic Pets For Sale - Creatures and Critters

Updated July. 24, 2014

Creatures and home page, Find Pets and Animals For Sale, Find Breeders, Find Veterinarians, Find Breeders, Find Boarding Centers and Luxury Pet Hotels ...

MetalWood bat founder swings for the fence - Business ...

Updated July. 17, 2014

Hybrid bats aren’t considered part of the American mainstream, not in a market dominated by aluminum with literally thousands of choices for every age group.

Can people survive rabies? Some vampire bat victims may ...

Updated July. 20, 2014

The CDC team and officials with Peru’s health ministry traveled to a remote Amazon region where vampire bats regularly feed on cattle and people.