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Is algae biofuel too thirsty?

Biofuel produced from algae, essentially pond scum, has long titillated green energy boosters as a potential big time player in the U.S. renewable fuels portfolio. Now, a-first-of-its-kind look at industrial-scale freshwater farming of algae suggests it ...

Algae: Biofuel of the Future?

"Algae has been a hot topic of biofuel discussions recently, but no one has taken such a detailed look at how much America could make, and how much water and land it would require, until now," said Mark Wigmosta, a U.S. Department of Energy hydrologist who ...

Biofuel rocket engine gets test run

The U.S. aerospace industry is officially onboard the biofuel bandwagon, with the test fire of a small rocket engine that burns commercially available biodiesel. California-based Flometrics did the honors and discovered the Rocketdyne LR-101 engine ...

Japan Airlines plans biofuel test flight

TOKYO — Japan Airlines said Monday it plans a test flight of a Boeing 747 partially powered by biofuel by early next year as a way to cut greenhouse gas emissions. The airline, known as JAL, will use a biofuel mixed with kerosene in one of four engines ...

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Biofuel - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Updated April. 15, 2014

A biofuel is a fuel that contains energy from geologically recent carbon fixation. These fuels are produced from living organisms. Examples of this carbon ...

Biofuel Facts, Biofuel Information - National Geographic

Updated April. 14, 2014

Learn about Biofuels and other alternative energy sources with National Geographic.

Biofuel Guide - Introduction to Ethanol and Biodiesel

Updated April. 14, 2014

Biofuel Guide – Introduction to Ethanol and Biodiesel Biofuels Ethanol and Biodiesel are alternative, environment-friendly, and renewable sources of energy.

Biofuels, Renewable Energy & Green |

Updated April. 15, 2014

Everything about biofuels, renewable energy and green -- latest news, quality articles and reviews.