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Study: Japan nuclear disaster caused mutated butterflies

TOKYO -- Researchers in Japan have found signs of mutation in butterflies, signaling one of the first indications of change to the local ecosystem as a result of last year's nuclear accident in Fukushima, according to one of the first studies on the ...

Three types of butterflies native to south Florida have gone extinct

ORLANDO, Florida — After six years of searching, an entomologist has concluded that three varieties of butterflies native to south Florida have become extinct, nearly doubling the number of North American butterflies known to be gone. "These are unique ...

A far cry from normal: Amazonian butterflies drink turtle tears

The sight of butterflies flocking onto the heads of yellow-spotted river turtles in the western Amazon rain forest is not uncommon, at least if one is able to sneak up on the skittish reptiles. But the reason why butterflies congregate onto the turtles may ...

Butterflies, oh my!

Then Caitlin Myers covered her face with her hands and squealed. The 2-year-old didn’t know which way to turn. Butterflies with blue, orange, yellow and white wings fluttered and swooped around her. “She loves them,” said her mom, Chris Myers.

First Monarch butterflies in space take flight

The first-ever Monarch butterflies in space have taken flight on the international space station to the delight of astronauts aboard. Space station commander Jeff Williams, of NASA, beamed video of the first of several Monarch butterflies fluttered its ...

All in a Gene: Secrets of Lookalike Butterflies Revealed

To fool predators, some butterflies create wing color patterns that make them resemble their unpalatable cousins. Only recently have scientists been unraveling how they do that, and now researchers have identified the gene that does the trick for an Asian ...

Monarch Butterflies Could Disappear, Scientists Say

>>> and the monarch butterfly is at serious risk of disappearing. scientists are alarmed because they witnessed a plunge in the annual migration, two food sources are disappearing, along with what logging has done to their forest habitat.

Butterflies tracked as environmental barometer

"When you see the absence of butterflies, you know something is wrong," says Jerry Payne, the entomologist on the recent counting expedition to Piedmont National Wildlife Refuge, about 70 miles south of Atlanta. Payne has tracked butterfly habitats for years.

Butterflies survive developing in space

For the first time in history, two butterflies have survived the chrysalis stage of development and spread their wings as fully grown Painted Lady butterflies in microgravity. Although many species of insects have boldly gone where no insect has gone ...

Record drought puts heat on future of monarch butterflies

Each year, a mysteriously long-lived generation of monarch butterflies makes the harrowing trek from its birthplace in southern Canada and the northern United States to the species' wintering grounds in a patch of forest in Mexico, and this year ...