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Comets created Earth's oceans, study concludes

The dirty snowballs known as comets might be the sources of Earth's water after all, scientists say. Water is critical to life on Earth — life is found virtually wherever there is water on our planet. Researchers have spent decades debating where Earth's ...

Asteroids vs. comets: NASA expert assesses the cosmic threats to Earth

But comets? That's a completely different story. "We can do something about asteroids. Comets are a problem," said Donald Yeomans, the head of the Near-Earth Object Program at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, Calif. Yeomans is the author of ...

What's up with these sun-diving comets?

Comets skimming past the sun may seem like ill-fated cosmic snowballs, and a team of scientists is trying to figure out what makes some fizzle and others explode as they make their solar death dives. Research into these doomed comets may yield clues on the ...

When comets attack

That makes Jupiter "our friendly big brother," Orton said. It so happens that research newly published by the journal Science provides more data on the likelihood of killer comets - specifically, the chance that a shower of long-period comets might be ...

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Comet - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Updated April. 10, 2014

A comet is an icy small Solar System body that, when passing close to the Sun, heats up and begins to outgas, displaying a visible atmosphere or coma, and ...

Solar System Exploration: Planets: Comets: Overview

Updated April. 10, 2014

Short-period comets (comets that orbit the sun in less than 200 years) reside in the icy region known as the Kuiper Belt beyond the orbit of Neptune from about 30 to ...

Comets – Facts and Information about Comets |

Updated April. 8, 2014

Comets are icy bodies that release gas or dust. offers an overview of comets including physical characteristics, comet formation, collisions and more.

Comets - Astronomy For Kids -

Updated April. 12, 2014

Comets Among the most brilliant and most rare objects in the night sky. These soaring beacons with their beautiful tails come from the outer realms of the Solar System.