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Hilton App Will Allow Digital Room Selection and Check-In

which by the end of the year expects to let members of its HHonors loyalty program use their mobile devices to choose their room from a digital floor plan. As currently configured, the app will allow those guests to preselect their room after 6 a.m. the ...

'Simpsons' marathon, digital Simpsons World coming

BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. — The full 25-year run of "The Simpsons" will arrive on cable channel FXX with a summer marathon, to be followed this fall by a digital extravaganza that could turn other TV shows yellow with envy. A website and app dubbed ...

Don't Miss the Digital Transformation in Luxury Brand Marketing

The market was long dominated by print, in-store advertising and event marketing but tech-savvy luxury brand consumers are going digital like there’s no tomorrow. While pure ‘online only’ sales account for 4 percent of the luxury market ...

Facebook Graveyard: Families Seek Entry Into Digital Lives of the Dead

A national lawyers group has drafted a fresh road map for lawmakers across the nation that, if enacted by individual states, would change how survivors gain entry to the “digital assets” of the dead — potentially detouring the age-old, legal ...

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Digital - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Updated July. 31, 2014

Digital may refer to: Digital data, data that is represented using discrete (discontinuous) values In technology: Digital computer, a computer handling information ...

Digital | Define Digital at

Updated 8 hours ago

digital (ˈdɪdʒɪt ə l) —adj: 1. of, relating to, resembling, or possessing a digit or digits: 2. performed with the fingers: 3. representing data as a series of ...

What is Digital? Webopedia - Webopedia: Online Tech ...

Updated July. 30, 2014

Any system based on discontinuous data or events. Computers are digital machines because at the basic level they can distinguish between just two values, 0 and 1.

Digital - Definition and More from the Free Merriam ...

Updated July. 30, 2014

Full Definition of DIGITAL 1 : of or relating to the fingers or toes <digital dexterity> 2 : done with a finger digital rectal examination> 3 : of, relating to, or ...