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Nine links in the transition from dinosaurs to birds

Archaeopteryx, shown here in an artist's rendering, is believed to be the world's earliest bird and a descendant of the dinosaurs. The crow-sized creature lived about 150 million years ago. Some scientists believed it soared down from tree tops with the ...

Were dinosaurs warm-blooded? Thrashing crocodiles fire up debate

Dinosaurs may have produced their own body heat, making them warm-blooded, new research suggests. The dinosaurs would have needed warm blood to fuel their muscles as they chased prey or fled from other dinosaurs, according to the new study. The study ...

How did dinosaurs do it? Very carefully, of course

Birds do it, bees do it — but how did 3-ton dinosaurs with sharp, pointed spikes on their backs and tails get it on? Very carefully, say some researchers, who believe mounting a female from behind would have proved deadly for the males of dinosaurs like ...

Everything you know about dinosaurs is wrong: Tour guide sets you straight

When it comes to dinosaurs and other prehistoric monsters, even the experts can get things wrong — as dino-fanatic Brian Switek explains in his tour guide to the paleontological frontier. The righting of wrongness begins with the title of Switek's book ...

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Dinosaur - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Updated April. 14, 2014

Dinosaurs are a diverse group of animals of the clade Dinosauria. They first appeared during the Triassic period, 231.4 million years ago, and were the ...

Dinosaurs - Dinosaur, facts, pictures, and information

Updated April. 16, 2014

Dinosaur facts, the world's most exciting prehistoric adventure. There is hundreds of dinosaur pictures, in depth information for many types of dinosaurs, and a lot ...

Dinosaur Videos : Discovery Channel

Updated April. 19, 2014

Information on dinosaurs, including types of dinosaurs, dinosaur videos, dinosaur news, and dinosaur photos. - Dinosaurs For Kids

Updated April. 19, 2014

Learn about dinosaurs with Find out which dinosaur was the largest, which was the smallest, which had the most horns, the longest neck, or which ate ...