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No Pouch Potato: Kangaroos Use Tail As 'Fifth Leg' When Walking

Kangaroos are known as great hoppers, but they don’t do so badly when they’re on all fours, either. That’s because they use their tail as a powerful “fifth leg” when walking, researchers report in a study published in the Royal Society journal ...

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Conversations sparked by photojournalism. Follow us on Twitter to keep ...

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KangaROOS - The Original Shoes with Pockets

Updated July. 27, 2014

Terms & Conditions. Welcome to (the "Website"). There are a few rules that our visitors must follow when using our Website, so we ask all our visitors ...

Kangaroo - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Updated July. 29, 2014

There are four species that are commonly referred to as kangaroos: The red kangaroo (Macropus rufus) is the largest surviving marsupial anywhere in the world.

Kangaroos: Facts, Information & Pictures -

Updated July. 28, 2014

Kangaroos are one of many marsupials native to Australia, and are expert jumpers, and even swimmers, that live in groups called mobs.

KANGAROO -- Kids' Planet -- Defenders of Wildlife

Updated July. 30, 2014

Kangaroos have powerful hind legs and short, thumbless forelimbs. Kangaroos can travel at speeds up to 30 miles per hour and can leap some 30 feet.