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What's next for Mars exploration?

The Mars Science Laboratory (which won't be the craft's final name) will be much larger than its Mars Exploration Rover (MER) cousins, Spirit and Opportunity, which are currently still cranking around the Martian surface. The "mega-rover" will weigh in at ...

Is huge Mars rover NASA's last big mission to Red Planet?

But over the long haul, NASA still has its sights set on a particularly alluring flagship — a sample-return effort that would bring pieces of Mars back to Earth for study. "The scientific goal — and for human exploration as well — of a Mars sample ...

What's Next for Mars Exploration?

"Also pinnacle is a sample return mission. Bringing back via robotic, uncrewed mission samples of Mars would really facilitate human exploration."

Ancient sea on Mars begs human exploration

The discovery that a salty sea once covered party of the surface of Mars will have lasting effects on the future exploration of the Red Planet, according to scientists and policy experts inside and outside NASA. Space agency officials said the briney find ...

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Mars planet facts news & images | NASA Mars rover ...

Updated 11 hours ago

Mars planet facts images videos & news of NASA Mars rover spacecraft mission discovery & human exploration. Science fun for kids school family & space fans.

Mars Exploration Rover Mission: Home - NASA

Updated 4 hours ago

NASA Rover Opportunity's Selfie Shows Clean Machine In its sixth Martian winter, NASA's Mars Exploration Rover Opportunity now has cleaner solar arrays than in any ...

Exploration of Mars - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Updated 15 hours ago

The exploration of Mars has taken place over hundreds of years, beginning in earnest with the invention and development of the telescope during the 1600s ...

Mars Exploration - NASA Science

Updated 3 hours ago

Mars Exploration The Mars Exploration Program is a science-driven program that seeks to understand whether Mars was, is, or can be, a habitable world.