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Is it safe to eat sushi?

But there are many risks associated with consuming it raw. As we know, raw fish can contain high levels of chemical contaminants, including methylmercury. Mercury occurs naturally in the environment, but is also a by-product of pollution that enters oceans ...

The surprising source of most mercury pollution: Gold mining

Scientists pay special attention to oceanic mercury because this is where the element is converted into methylmercury, the toxic, carbon-containing form that accumulates in fish; eating seafood is the primary way humans are exposed to the heavy metal ...

Great Salt Lake mercury worries scientists

Concentrations of methylmercury — the element's most poisonous form — exceeded 25 nanograms per liter of water. Fish consumption warnings have been issued when there was just 1 nanogram per liter. "We thought we would find some high levels of ...

Gold Rush's poisonous legacy: Mercury lingering for 10,000 years

When the mercury reaches the lowlands of the Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta, where the Yuba River and other streams that flow out of the Sierra Nevada end up, it can be converted to methylmercury by microbes. Methylmercury is the organic form of the ...

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Methylmercury - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Updated 22 hours ago

Methylmercury (sometimes methyl mercury) is an organometallic cation with the formula [CH 3 Hg] +. It is a bioaccumulative environmental toxicant. Contents 1 ...

Methylmercury Definition Page - USGS

Updated April. 18, 2014

Methylmercury Definitions. Methylmercury - "CH 3 Hg +, organic form of mercury and the form of mercury that is most easily bioaccumulated in organisms; a neurotoxin."

Methylmercury poisoning: MedlinePlus Medical Encyclopedia

Updated April. 19, 2014

Methylmercury poisoning is brain and nervous system damage from the chemical methylmercury. Causes Methylmercury is a type of mercury ("quicksilver"), a ...

Mercury in the Environment - USGS

Updated April. 19, 2014

Toxic Effects. The toxic effects of mercury depend on its chemical form and the route of exposure. Methylmercury [CH 3 Hg] is the most toxic form.