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Fog of war in Benghazi hampered military response

Hours later, at first light, an 11-minute mortar and rocket-propelled grenade attack slammed into the CIA annex, killing security contractors Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty. In hindsight, retired Gen. Carter Ham, then head of the U.S. military command in ...

May 16: Nightly News Thursday broadcast

an awful day in afghanistan today. six americans, two service members, four military contractors, among the 15 people killed when a suicide car bomb exploded in kabul. dozens more injured. one of the deadliest days in the afghan capital in months.

Why Did the U.S. Spend Millions to Make Afghans Eat Soybeans?

“We didn't have a reconstruction effort, we just spent a lot of money,” mostly to get the Afghan military working and keep its government ... with reliance on contractors. The Afghan diet reform effort, formally known as the Soybeans for Agricultural ...

First Read's Morning Clips

Religious groups are pushing Obama for an exemption from his executive order barring discrimination against LGBT employees of government contractors ... limit when a military veteran can be denied a firearm due to mental illness; and allow gun owners ...

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soldiers secure the area next to a damaged U.S. mine resistant ...

scout snipers in the marine corps shown with a flag bearing an ss ...

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List of United States defense contractors - Wikipedia, the ...

Updated July. 29, 2014

The Top 100 Contractors Report on the Federal Procurement Data System lists the top one hundred defense contractors by sales to the United States military.

Private Military and Private Security Companies ...

Updated 20 hours ago

Private Military Companies and Private Security Companies (contractors) PMCs and PSCs: list of companies, corporate directory, company profiles, recruitment, jobs ...

Top 20 defense contractors -- Defense Systems

Updated July. 31, 2014

U.S. involvement in southwest Asia continues to drive many of the top defense contractors’ businesses, said company executives interviewed for related stories.

Defense Contractor Jobs on

Updated July. 31, 2014

717 available defense contractor jobs found on View and apply to these listings, or browse for similar jobs in your area.