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Tiny primate fossil throws evolutionary spotlight on Asia

"It's one of a very few number of fossils that have come from there, and we have reason to think that Southeast Asia was a real epicenter for primate evolution at that time," Beard said. The findings were detailed Oct. 1 in the journal Proceedings of the ...

Brain size didn't drive primate evolution, research suggests

Brain organization, not overall size, may be the key evolutionary difference between primate brains, and the key to what gives ... accounted for three-quarters of brain evolution over that time. The study, published Tuesday in the Proceedings of the ...

Ancient Primate Skeleton Hints at Monkey and Human Origins

According to the researchers, this fossil and other evidence suggest the first steps of primate evolution took place in Asia, rather than Africa. But Bloch and others disagree with this interpretation. "Crown primates appeared simultaneously in North ...

New primate origins theory sparks controversy

Primatologist John Fleagle at Stony Brook University in New York added that Heads' findings "are inconsistent with all other evidence we have about the timing of major events in primate evolution." Heads notes that fossils often serve as an incomplete ...

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Primate - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Updated April. 15, 2014

A primate is a mammal of the order Primates. In taxonomy, primates include prosimians and simians. Primates arose from ancestors that lived in the trees of tropical ...

Early Primate Evolution: The First Primates

Updated April. 17, 2014

The First Primates. Primates are remarkably recent animals. Most species of living things had become extinct long before the first monkeys and their prosimian ...

Primate Evolution - The Story of Prehistoric Primates

Updated April. 17, 2014

The first primate ancestors appeared on earth around the time the dinosaurs went extinct--and diversified, over the next 65 million years, into monkeys, lemurs, great ...

NOVA | First Primates - PBS

Updated April. 18, 2014

First Primates. Posted 07.09.08; NOVA scienceNOW; As inhabitants of Earth, we humans are relative newbies. In fact, our branch of the evolutionary tree may have split ...