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10 spring flings with science

The reason? Climate change, of course. Songbirds are in a much greater rush to migrate back to North America each spring from their South American wintering grounds than previously thought, according to scientists who outfitted critters such as the wood ...

7 signs of evolution in action

Click the "Next" arrow above to see seven signs of evolution in action. The seed-crushing bills of little songbirds called finches, which were adapted to various niches throughout the Galapagos Islands, proved integral to the formulation of Darwin's theory ...

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Songbird - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Updated July. 26, 2014

The song in this clade is essentially territorial in that it communicates the identity and whereabouts ... Silence of the Songbirds (book) Song system; References ...

Songbird Pictures - National Geographic - Animals - Animal ...

Updated July. 26, 2014

See pictures of songbirds (including warblers, sparrows, swallows, and more) in this birds photo gallery from National Geographic.

songbird (bird) -- Encyclopedia Britannica

Updated July. 25, 2014

songbird, also called passerine, any member of the suborder Passeri (or Oscines), ... Songbirds are alike in having the vocal organ highly developed, ...

All Songbirds - Digital-Nature-Photography of birds and ...

Updated July. 27, 2014

All Songbirds-photo - Nature Photos by Gerd Rossen - Pics und Photos of Songbird lots of pics and images - View image All Songbirds