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Spring is finally here and you know what that means -- bathing suit season is only weeks away. But what should you do if you're looking less than bootylicious? Combine your passion for travel with your quest for a healthier, fitter and more beautiful you! One of the hottest trends in travel is getting healthy while getting away, and, with that in mind, we've selected six programs that are guaranteed to do just that.

Get Healthy Getaway, Preferred Inns of New Jersey - New Jersey

Whatever your definition of getting healthy is, the Preferred Inns of New Jersey has a getaway for you. Packages range from getting relaxed, to getting in touch with your pysche, to getting physically healthy. These packages are designed for the guest who's looking for more than just the quick fix. It's preparation for a major lifestyle change. One of the most physically demanding packages includes:

  • Two-night stay in one of the association's preferred inns
  • A session with a personal trainer to design an at-home workout program or a workout DVD such as "Walk Away the Pounds" to take home.
  • A workshop with the inn's chef on healthy eating, meal planning and shopping for wholesome ingredients.
  • A copy of the bestselling book, "French Women Don't Get Fat," which focuses on healthy choices and portion control.
  • Assistance in planning local daily walks and activities to jump start your fitness plan.
  • A journal for recording progress and thoughts to maintain motivation.

The Preferred Inns of New Jersey has more than 76 bed and breakfasts and inns located across the state. From lovely Lambertville to family-friendly Ocean City, the beauty of this get-healthy vacation is you choose where you want to get fit. Rates are $150-$330 per night, depending on location. If you don't see the package you want, inns will often create these types of packages by request. To request a member directory, visit the Web site or call (866) 449-3535. Participation and packages may vary by inn.

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Bikini Boot Camp for the Mind, Body and Spirit, Amansala - Mexico
Created by two Manhattan-based women who realized that travel can be synonymous with a healthy lifestyle, Bikini Boot Camp for the Mind, Body and Spirit seeks to revitalize and rejuvenate the weary and overworked. The six-night program is limited to 25 men and women and is held at the eco-chic resort Amansala, located on the remote beach setting of Tulum, Mexico.

Slideshow: Spring destinations Days start with a beach or jungle power walk followed by a combination of body sculpting, power abdominal sessions or Pilates, and end with yoga and meditation. There are excursions to the nearby jungle for swimming and snorkeling, visits to Mayan ruins, and beachside massages.

Culinary creations for your low-fat diet consist of completely chemical-free local food. You'll dine on fresh caught grilled fish, mangos, jicima salads and other delectable low-calorie selections that will be a perfect complement to your new exercise regime.

The six-night programs are held year round, and three- and four-night programs are available upon request. Prices for six nights are from $1,842 not including airfare.

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The Hills Health Spa - British Columbia

The Hills Health Ranch is an ultimate destination spa vacation resort for people aiming for a complete body makeover. Specializing in weight loss, fitness, hiking and gourmet spa cuisine, this healthy hideaway is located in the middle of 20,000 acres of ranch lands in British Columbia.

The spa offers extensive daily fitness programs, such as yoga, Pilates, aerobics and aqua fit, and boasts 18 wellness, massage and spa treatment rooms, three spa lounges, two exclusive dining rooms, and a wealth of professional hiking, canoeing, biking services.

What sets the Hills Health Spa apart is the three uniquely tailored packages for you to choose from. Whether you love the outdoors or prefer the personal instruction of a class, there is a fitness program designed specifically to your tastes and abilities. The packages range from six to ten nights, as well as an optional 30-night stay, and include:

Fitness 'n' Spa: A combination of outdoor and indoor activities, the Fitness 'n' Spa package provides you with various fitness programs and opportunities to help you achieve your goals. Your choices for classes include yoga, Pilates, step aerobics, resist-a-ball, aqua fit weights, treadmills, steppers, recumbent or mountain bikes, walking, hiking, and canoeing -- all provided with the help from personal trainers, certified class instructors, kinesiologists, nutritionists and outdoor fitness coaches.

Hike 'n' Spa: Perfect for the outdoor enthusiast, the Hike 'n' Spa package utilizes the thousands of acres surrounding the resort so you can get fit while enjoying nature. You will have your choice of regular early morning guided walks, afternoon daily group hikes, private guided hikes personalized to your liking, mountain biking and canoeing.

Weight Loss: All about shedding the pounds, the Weight Loss package uses a wilderness setting to educate guests on an effective and healthy method of dealing with weight issues. You'll be given help with planning the right menu for your lifestyle and weight goals, as well as establishing the perfect fitness regime for your level. Private consultations and group workshops are also available, and a wellness director, nutritionists, kinesiologists, personal trainers, guides, class instructors, behavioral counselors, chefs and spa treatment therapists are there to provide maximum guidance and support.

Prices for the three packages are the same. Six nights from $1,145; 10 Nights from $2,295; 30 nights from $4,495.

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Fatpacking - Various Locations Across the United States

A new twist on an old pastime, Fatpacking is backpacking geared specifically for weight loss. Guests embark on one and two-week wilderness hiking vacations with the dual objective of altering your body composition and enjoying the great outdoors at the same time.

Fatpacking is strictly a fitness regime, with no alterations to your diet habits planned. You are actually encouraged to eat what you want while backpacking because of the intensity of the exercise. By carrying all of your food and gear on your back during your long distance walk, you lose weight, get in shape and relieve stress -- all while experiencing breathtaking destinations untouched by industrial development.

You can choose from a variety of trails located across the country. Upcoming trips are planned for the Florida Trail in Kissimmee, Big Bend in West Texas, the Arizona Trail in Phoenix, the Hot Springs and Ouachita in Little Rock, the Great Smoky Mountains in North Carolina and Tennessee, and the Appalachian Trail in Western Connecticut and Massachusetts. Prices depend largely on location and length of the trip. One-week trips are about $750 and two-week trips are about $975.

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Fitness Holiday, Responsive Travel - Kenya
If you're looking to get in shape and visit an exotic destination, Responsive Travels Fitness Holiday in Kenya is a must-try vacation alternative. The concept of the program is to give participants maintainable "animal like" fitness ability. Courses run for nine days, two weeks or five weeks with six to 14 people per course. Your fitness center will be Watamu, one of the top beaches in the world on the Kenyan coast, as well as the Sokoke forest and Marine Park.
You can choose from courses such as swimming, running, weights, circuits, yoga, Tai Chi, canoeing, deep sea fishing, diving, windsurfing and surfing. The extensive workouts are balanced with relaxing activities such as massages, stretching, meditation and sunbathing on the beaches to ensure that your body does not become overworked or strained. Whether your goal is to build muscle or lose weight, nutritional guidance is also provided to help you develop a balanced and healthy diet.

The vacation is based in Baraka House, a private hotel that boasts panoramic rooftops and balconies overlooking the Indian Ocean, as well as three spacious bedrooms. Prices start at $3,345 for nine days and $4,800 for a 14-day trip.

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Orange County Adventure Boot Camp - California
If you're someone who easily tires of the same old workout routine, the Orange County Adventure Boot Camp will whip you into shape! Theres never a dull moment on this four-week outdoor program that offers fitness instruction, nutritional counseling and motivational training.
The philosophy of the Orange County Boot Camp is that in order to achieve your fitness goals and stay healthy, you must constantly be challenged while having fun in the process. Guests of all ages, sizes and fitness levels work together on a variety of programs that consist of running, yoga, Pilates and cycling.

According to past participants, results from the boot camp include a 3-5% reduction in body fat, five to 12 pounds of weight loss, a one to three inch decrease in your midsection, a 25% increase of your endurance and strength, improved posture and a decrease in stress level.

Because of the recent successes with the program, founders John Spencer Ellis and Christina Lucy have authorized instructors to conduct boot camps at destinations across the globe. New locations can be found across the United States, Canada, England, the Netherlands and Africa. Prices start at $299 for the local, 20-day program.

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