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A 62-year-old retired schoolteacher is fighting with a cable company over a hefty bill for porn and gangsta rap programming she says she never ordered.

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The charges of more than $1,000 appeared on Claudia Lee's February bill — shortly after she bundled her cable TV, computer and phone services together with Cablevision.

"They are harassing me and trying to make me pay for something I didn't do," said Lee, who lives alone in a one-bedroom apartment.

Despite Cablevision's assurances to the state attorney general's office that her problem would be resolved, Lee has been forced to pay $779 to the company and was told to pay an additional $652 or face having her phone, Internet and television service cut off.

"Every time I call, somebody tells me something different. They're not on the same page," Lee said Thursday.

Cablevision spokesman Bill Powers said Thursday that Lee may not have ordered the pay-per-view programming but someone in her home did.

On Friday, however, Cablevision issued a statement saying, "We are suspending these charges pending a full investigation and we are going to work with our customer to ensure that this matter is appropriately resolved."

Lee said the only regular visitor to her house is her 81-year-old mother, "and I don't think she wants to watch porn."

She claimed someone has pirated her service. However, Powers said his company did not find theft of service.

Lee has written to the state attorney general's Bureau of Consumer Frauds and Protection. In a March 21 response, the bureau advised her that Cablevision had agreed to the bureau's request to resolve Lee's complaint.

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