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By Chris Hansen Correspondent
NBC News
updated 5/17/2006 11:17:31 PM ET 2006-05-18T03:17:31

This report airs May 17, Wednesday, 9 p.m.: This month, millions of people have been watching our investigations into computer sex predators — among them, some of the suspected predators themselves.  And what's most surprising is that even knowing that they may be walking into a sting is not enough to keep some of them away. Tonight, we're back in Florida, where we started our investigation last week.  We want to remind you that some of what you'll see and read is explicit.

Like all our previous investigations, the potential predators in Ft. Myers, Fla. kept us busy.

Some are surprisingly candid...

Donald Morrison: They arrested me for possessing child pornography cause I had nude pictures of her on my computer. They ended up dropping the charges.

Others tell us stories we’ve heard before...

Thomas Coffen: I just came over to say "hi." That was it.

They all had something in common: everyone of them chatted online about having sex with a person posing as a young teen, made a date to meet, and then showed up at our undercover house.

Chief Hilton Daniels, Ft. Myers, Fla. police: A number of these individuals traveled quite a ways. I believe the furthest one drove 223 miles, to Fort Myers to have sex with a child.

Chief Daniels says it’s frightening to think what would have happened if there really had been a child home alone.

Chief Daniels: Anything could have happened in that house. The person would have cleaned up and drove away and as law enforcement agencies, we would never have known who that person was.

But fortunately, there are no real children in the house. Instead, there are decoys, members of an online watchdog group called Perverted-Justice. Dateline hired them as consultants to do what they normally do: set up profiles of 12 to 15 year olds, and in this case, go into Florida chat rooms and wait to be contacted by a grown up. Once an adult starts messaging, a decoy will often pretend to be home alone and willing to have sex.

Over the course of three days, men came knocking on our door and our 13 hidden cameras recorded their every move. From the minute they turn onto our street until they walk into our living room, cameras were rolling but the potential predators have no idea.

One man showed up to a house he’s never been to before to keep a date with a girl he’s never met. He walks into the backyard and knocks on the wrong door. No one answers so he makes a call— no answer the phone either. Finally he hears our decoy and heads inside.

Decoy (hidden camera footage): Hey I just had to change my shirt real quick but just come in and watch some TV, I’ll be right there.

Antonio Brenes: Where you at?

Decoy: I’m just gonna change my shirt real quick.

Brenes: Can I come in?

Although Perverted-Justice members are actually the decoys who conduct the chats online, we hired an actress to pretend to be the girl alone in our house. She looks the part of a minor but she’s really 19 years old.

Decoy: Sit down on the chair and eat some cookies, I just have to change real quick.

The man who’s come into our house is 23-year-old Raul Antonio Brenes, screenname “anotonio69_929,” an assembly worker. He met a girl posing as a 14-year-old online and asks her if she’s ever had anal sex. She says no and then he types “would you ever do it?” he also asks her...

antonio69_929 (chat log): how many rounds can u last lol

funlovinrachel: lol I dunno

antonio69_929: would u be able to have sex and take a break intill u get tireed or it could be a all nite thing lol

funlovinrachel: i guess well see lol

antonio69_929: lol i just wanna make sure u can handle me

To keep his date, he actually got on a bus and rode across the state of Florida. Instead of finding a minor alone, he meets me.

Chris Hansen, Dateline correspondent (walks in): Why don’t you have a seat right over there please.

Online he told the girl he’d bring alcohol and spend the night. And look he’s brought beer and an overnight bag.

Hansen: How was your bus ride?

Brenes: Good.

Hansen: How long were you on the bus?

Brenes: Awhile sir.

Hansen: How many hours, about?

Brenes: um, about four.

And what else did “antonio_69_929” bring with him?

Hansen: Did you bring condoms with you?

Brenes: It’s in my bag. I always bring them with me.

Hansen: You always bring condoms.

Brenes: Yes, sir.

Hansen: You show up with beer. You show up with condoms after a sexually charged online conversation at a home where you believe a 14-year-old girl is alone for the weekend. You say, “Are you sure you can handle me?” You ask her if she’s cool about having sex with you.

Brenes: I’m guilty of whatever is there, sir.

Hansen: I’m sorry?

Brenes: I’m guilty of whatever is there.

And what could he be guilty of in the state of Florida? Using the Internet to attempt to solicit a minor for sex—a felony.

Brenes: It’s not appropriate at all, sir.

Hansen:  Why did you do it?

Brenes: Just me being dumb.

Hansen: What do you think should happen to you?

Brenes: I think that I should get the death penalty, sir.

Well he won’t be getting the death penalty but he’ll find out shortly he does have a date before a judge.

Perverted-Justice has been sending the sexually explicit online chat logs between its decoys and the potential predators to the Fort Myers police department and state prosecutors. They’re staked out in the guest house behind our house. In the case of “antonio_69-929,” there’s enough evidence for an arrest.

After I tell him he’s going to be on Dateline, he gets arrested, taken away in an unmarked police car, then he’s brought to a transfer station where he’s searched.

Police officer: Do you have any ID on you?

Brenes: You have my wallet sir.

And he’s taken to jail. The next morning he appears before a judge. And bail is set.

Judge: There is probable cause as to all the charges. There will be a $40,000 bond composite.

His story is only one in a long line of potential predators who come knocking on our door. And as you’ll see, some seem prepared to do things that police find quite disturbing.

On the first day alone, 10 men show up at our undercover house in Fort Myers, Florida where supposedly a young teen is home by herself and ready to have sex.

Brian Gosselin’s screenname is “bayj0nes.” He arrived to meet a girl who said online she was 15. He lied to her about his age claiming to be 24. He’s really 32. And based on what he had to say online “want to (blank) my brains out” it’s not hard to guess why he’s here.

Brian Gosselin (hidden camera): I got some wine coolers.

Decoy: Wine coolers are just fine.

Gosselin: You weren’t kidding when you said a big house.

Decoy: I know, the house is beautiful, I love my house.

Gosselin: Yeah. Are you the only child?

Decoy: Yeah.

Decoy: Oh, did you bring protection?

Gosselin: Yeah.

Decoy: Perfect.

Chris Hansen, Dateline correspondent (walks out): The only bad news is you’re probably not going to need that type of protection tonight.

Decoy: See I knew this was going to be a set up.

Hansen: You did?

Gosselin: Yeah.

Hansen: How did you know that?

Gosselin: Just cause the way she was talking online.

Hansen: What’s your last name?

Gosselin: I don’t have a last name.

Hansen: You don’t have a last name?

And that’s about all he’s willing to say.

Gosselin: Well I’ll just leave.

Hansen: Oh no, I’m not finished yet. Sir?

Gosselin: I’m not wanted here.

But most men who show up at our house are willing to talk, like 30-year-old Kenneth Forton.

He’s been chatting online with a decoy posing as a 15 year old. He describes detailed plans for their sexual rendezvous. He says he likes to start with oral sex. After that he asks her what position she’d like to try first. And he also asks if he can do more.

kenneth_forton (chat log): can i tie you up?

snakesonagirl: you got like ropes and stuff?

kenneth_forton: yeah i work construction so i have all kinds of stuff but if you like rope ill bring rope

So did he actually bring rope?

Decoy (hidden camera footage): Hey I’m about to put on my bra and panties, come on in.

Hansen (walks out): How you doing?

Kenneth Forton: Alright, how are you?

Hansen: Why don’t you have a seat over in that chair please.

He says he’s here to meet a girl, but he can’t remember her name. And he’s a little vague about her age.

Forton: Rather young.

Hansen:  Rather young. As in?

Forton:  15 or 16.

Hansen: 15. And how old are you?

Forton: 30.

Hansen: And it’s okay for a 30 year old man to come to a home where a 15-year-old girl is alone, why?

Forton: No, it’s not okay.

During their online chat, they talked about condoms. He also said he’d bring marijuana.

Hansen: Did you bring condoms with you?

Forton: No.

Hansen: No. Not in your car?

Forton: No.

Hansen: Did you bring marijuana?

Forton: No.

Hansen: Are you sure?

Forton: Uh-huh (affirms).

But is he telling the truth? We’ll found out later when police search his car. But now, he does admit to bringing one thing.

Hansen: Did you bring rope with you tonight?

Forton: I have rope in my car. For my job.

Hansen: You talk about using the rope in various sex acts with this 15-year old girl.  What would have happened if a 15-year-old girl was here and I wasn’t here.

Forton: Same thing that’s happening now. Just talking.

Hansen: Do you see why that’s very difficult for me to believe, based on this chat?

Forton: Yes, I do. That’s the god’s honest truth, though.

Hansen: Well, why should I believe that?

Forton: Because I have a 6-year-old daughter that I’m trying to see.

Hansen: You have a 6-year-old daughter. How would you feel if a stranger came into your home?

Forton: I’d hate it. I’d hate it.

Hansen:  So why then is it okay for you to come into this home where you thought a girl was alone?

Forton: Bad judgment.

There seems to be a lot of bad judgment in the air.

22-year-old Elias Bailon, screenname “daytona02” is a small business owner. He’s been chatting online with a girl posing as a 14-year-old named Laney. She asks him if he’ll bring her vodka and let her drive his car. He says “whatever you want sweety.” And when Laney tells him her bedroom is hot, he types, “u hot mami, let’s make love...”

He drove two and a half hours to get here. It’s just before 1 a.m.

Decoy (hidden camera footage): Just sit down and watch TV for a little bit. I’ll be right out.

Elias Bailon: Where are you?

Decoy: Oh, I’m just changing my shirt real quick, ‘cause I got chocolate on it. Just take a seat. I’ll be right there.

Bailon: Okay.

Decoy: I made you some cookies. Did you bring me my drinks?

Bailon: Can you come out?

Decoy: Yeah. I’ll be right there. I just gotta change.

Hansen: Why don’t you do me a favor and come on in. Will you bring your stuff in?

It looks as if “daytona02” has come bearing gifts.

Hansen: What have we got here?

Bailon: A rose.

Hansen: What about condoms? Did you bring condoms?

Bailon: Yes, sir.

Hansen: You did? Why don’t you put those on the table?

Bailon: Oh no, I thought I’d carry them with-- (NOISE) thank you.

Hansen: So, you brought a rose—

Bailon: Yes, sir.

Hansen: Alcohol and some condoms? What does that add up to?

Bailon: I don’t know, sir.

Then he reveals something we didn’t know.

Bailon: I knew if something would happen like this, I would get in trouble, ‘cause I’m married.

Hansen: You’re married?

Bailon: Yes, sir.

Hansen: That’s not what you said in the chat.

Bailon: No, no. I didn’t say that. I didn’t say that.

Hansen: Yeah.

Bailon: No. But, I’m married. I really love her. The thing is that the thing is we don’t get along sometimes.

Hansen: Now, what do you think she would say if she knew that you were coming here to have sex with a 14-year-old girl?

Bailon: She would kill me. Whew—I don’t want to think about it. You know, her dad has ten brothers.

Hansen: Ten brothers?

Bailon: They will kill me.

Hansen: They’ll all be looking for you?

Bailon: Whew.

“Daytona02” says he knew he was taking a big risk and worried this might be a set up.

Hansen: You said, “This might be a trap. I’ve seen that on TV.”

Bailon: Yeah.

Hansen: What did you see on TV exactly?

Bailon: That one in the news actually. People got arrested, because of chatting like with underage girls.

Hansen: Right. So, you saw it on Dateline NBC?

Bailon: Yeah, yeah. News. Just happened to them. Oh, my God, didn’t think it was gonna happen.

He still doesn’t appear to know he’s landed in the middle of a Dateline investigation.

There was also another married man: 31-year-old Lee Greer, screenname “lee-greer74.” He’s away from home on business and he’s been chatting online with a 13-year-old— at least that’s what the decoy told him. He sends her a picture of his penis and then types “you will get to see the real thing you know, in person.” Often, Perverted-Justice decoys will ask a man to bring something specific like food or alcohol.

Decoy (hidden camera footage): Did you bring the food?

Greer: Yeah.

Decoy: Ok great.

Law enforcement says it helps show intent because a potential predator is bringing items that he talked about online in the same conversation he’s talking about sex.

Decoy: What did you bring?

Greer: Double cheeseburgers with no pickles.

Decoy: Awesome, I made chocolate chip cookies too but actually just got some on my shirt so I have to change my shirt real quick.

Greer: All right I got some fries, but the fries might be cold cause it took me a while to find this place.

Decoy: You can just take a seat, I’ll be right there.

Greer: Okay.

Hansen (walks out): So no ah cookies for you? So what’s going on?

Greer: Not much, who are you?

Hansen: Who are you?

Greer: I’m Lee.

Hansen: And Lee, what are you doing here?

Greer: I came to visit a friend off the 'Net I thought.

At first he tells me the friend he came to see was 18 or older. But then changes his story.

Hansen: So why don’t you start over again and tell me how old did she say she was in the conversation?

Greer: 13.

Hansen: How old are you?

Greer: (chuckles) Too old. 31.

Hansen: 31.

Greer: Yes sir.

Hansen: And you thought it was ok for a 31-year-old man to come to a home—

Greer: (shakes head) No sir—

Hansen: Where a 13-year-old girl was alone because, Why exactly?

Greer: I didn’t.

Hansen: Then why did you do it?

Greer: Stupidity. Honestly. I was (rubs his eye) -- sheer stupidity.

Hansen: You sent her that picture (holds it up)

Greer: Right. And I told her they were dirty pictures if she wanted to see them, so I showed them.

Hansen: So because a 13-year-old girl says it’s ok, it’s ok for you to do it?

Greer: No it’s not sir. No sir.

Hansen: Are you married?

Greer: Yes sir.

Hansen: How’s this gonna go over at home?

Greer: Not good. I’d really, really, really like for it not to go home. Really sir.

Hansen: What do you think should happen to you Lee?

Greer: Honestly? I’d like to be able to just go back to work and—

Hansen: Just get up and grab a cookie and walk on out of here.

Greer: I’m not saying what I did was right, ‘cause I know it’s wrong. I’m admitting to you that it is wrong.

Hansen: So we’re all square, even Steven, and you should just get up and walk out of here.

Greer: No. No. No sir. I don’t know what to tell you. Honestly.

Hansen: Well there’s a few things that you need to know.

As we told you before, he won’t get off that easy.

Hansen: Everything that you’ve done since you pulled up here has been recorded on camera.

Greer: Oh Lord.

Neither will the next potential predators you’re about to meet.

During our undercover investigation in Fort Myers Fla., there’s been a steady stream of potential predators arriving to keep their dates with someone who told them they were a young teen.

Ten men the first day and eleven men on the second day. And there’s still one more day to go.

Some come looking not for girls, but for boys. Meet 23-year-old Ryan McIntosh, screenname “qx4boi19.” He owns a high end dog boutique. He’s here to meet a boy who told him online he was 14. The decoy says, “you won’t tell anyone i’m gay will you?” and "qx4boi19" replies “if you don’t tell anybody you (blanked) my (blank).”

Del from Perverted-Justice, playing the male decoy invites him in and scoots behind the door before he sees her.

Del, decoy: Watch TV or something, I’ll be right back out alright?

Ryan McIntosh: Alright.

Chris Hansen, Dateline correspondent (walks out): Why don’t you make yourself at home here, have a seat. What’s going on?

McIntosh: Not much. How are you?

Like many other men caught in our investigations, “qx4boi19” insists he didn’t come here for sex with a young teen.

McIntosh: I was just coming over here to hang out. And, I felt like I would be more a big brother more than anything. I do know—

Hansen: Big brother? So, you were coming over to be a mentor?

McIntosh: In a way, yes. And, I’m sure you’ve heard that 20 billion times.

Hansen: Twenty billion and one counting tonight.

McIntosh: I had no intention of having sex with him tonight.

Hansen: What were you gonna do?

McIntosh: Just hang out.

But his chat log doesn’t make it sound like he was just here to hang out.

Hansen: You talk about penis size. Whether he’s got pubic hair.

McIntosh: Uh-huh (affirms).

Hansen: You say you’re horny. You say you’re masturbating while you’re talking to him. You talk about hooking up and you say, “If you don’t tell anybody, you blank my blank.”

McIntosh: I said that?

Hansen: Yeah. Then you say, “I don’t want to go to jail.” Do you recall that conversation?

McIntosh: I’m sure I did say that.

Hansen: I mean, the issue here is not gay or straight.

McIntosh: Right.

Hansen: The issue here is adult-child. The mentoring conversation that you’re saying to me that you were going to have tonight with a 14 year old? That’s not what you were saying online.

McIntosh: Well, I didn’t necessarily say I wanted to have a conversation tonight. I was just gonna come out and hang out and see what he was like.

"Qx4boi19" sits and talks to me for more than ten minutes then amazingly when I start to tell him who I am. But he already knows.

Hansen: I’m Chris Hansen with “Dateline NBC.”

McIntosh: I know.

Hansen: You know?

McIntosh: Uh-huh (affirms).

Hansen: Have you seen a previous stories?

McIntosh: I have.

And as you’ll hear later, the possibility of walking into a Dateline investigation wasn’t enough to stop him.

Dallas Lee has been chatting online in an AOL gay chat room with a boy posing as a 14-year-old. It takes him less than seven minutes to ask the boy if he wants oral sex. The decoy says “okay cool.”  And a few hours later, he’s walking into our living room.

Del, decoy (hidden camera footage): I’m finishing getting ready, hang out at the table for a sec ok? So you’re pumped too huh?

Dallas Lee: Yeah

Hansen: So what were you so pumped for?

Lee: Oh not too much.

Hansen: Why don’t you have a seat right on the stool there? What you doing here?

Lee: He invited me over.

Hansen: Who is he?

Lee: Tony.

Hansen: And how old is Tony?

Lee: 14.

Hansen: What was your plan here? With this 14-year-old boy?

Lee: I mean we talked about sex and stuff like that.

Hansen: Sure did!

Lee: Yep, I mean I not gonna lie to you. I mean, I got two kids of my own. We can hang out and stuff.

Hansen: And how old are your kids?

Lee: My son is 19 and my daughter is 15.

Hansen: So your daughter is one year older than the boy you were coming to visit tonight.

Lee: Um hmm.

Hansen: Now how would you feel if your daughter at the age of 15 was home alone, and a man came to visit her?And so why is it ok for you to come here?

Lee: It’s not. Honestly, it’s not, you know, but I was even, not even. Set the sex aside.

He says he knows it looks bad, but he “really wanted to be a father figure to the boy who told him he didn’t have a dad.” But if that’s so, why did he tell the boy he was 20 years old when he’s really 40?

Hansen: If you’re trying to be a father figure to this kid, as you have suggested to me you were trying to do—

Lee: Right.

Hansen: Why would you tell him you were 20 and much closer to his age?

Lee: Right. That’s a mistake.

Hansen: It would seem as though somebody would do that, if they wanted the target to think they were younger and be comfortable to have sex.

Lee: Exactly. I understand that. I understand where you’re coming from.

Hansen: Right?

He also understands something else...

Hansen: As you sit here today based on this chat—

Lee: Yeah. I’m screwing up.

Hansen: —based upon your arrival here you are every parent’s worst nightmare.

Lee: Exactly. I understand what you’re saying. You’re right. I guarantee it’s never gonna happen again.

And there’s still another man who comes to the house, claiming he’s really here to help...

Thomas Campbell: Where are you?

Del, decoy: I’m right in here. I’ve gotta finish getting changed. I’ll be right there.

Another man who's watched previous investigations
He’s 61-year-old Thomas Campbell, “j1h3120.” He’s been chatting online with a decoy posing as a 14-year-old. He graphically describes how he likes to give oral sex to young men. The decoy asks, “is that like your favorite to do” and j1h3120 says, “yep and from what most’s the best they’ve HAD.”

Campbell: No. Where you at?

Decoy: I’m right here. I just gotta finish getting changed. Sorry, man. Didn’t mean to confuse you.

Hansen (walks in): Moving pretty quick there. Why don’t you have a seat right over there.

Campbell: Ok.

Hansen: At the stool. Where were you headed there?

Campbell: Huh?

Hansen: Where were you headed just then?

Campbell: Just to talk with him.

Hansen: Just to talk with who?

Campbell: Tony.

Online, he listed his age as being in his 40s. At first he tells me he’s only 49, later we learn the truth.

Campbell: I’m 61.

Hansen: You’re 61. So, you’re not in your 40s like you said?

Campbell: No.

The man starts to have a bit of an asthma attack.

Hansen: Just relax.

He uses his inhaler and says he’s fine Then he tells me he had a tough time growing up gay and wanted to help the young boy he expected to meet here.

Campbell: Help him see that it’s not really the shameful situation that it was when I was younger.

Hansen: So, you were here to mentor this boy?

Campbell: If I could, yeah. I don’t mind helping.

Hansen: And did that mentoring process include having sex with him?

Campbell: Oh, no.

Hansen: But, that’s now how the conversation went on the Internet, is it?

Campbell: I don’t think so. I don’t know.

Hansen: You say, “I love to (blank) a young man—deep (blank) and (blank) him dry.”

Campbell: OK.

Hansen: Do you recall that?

Campbell: I believe so. This was—

Hansen: Well, I have the whole transcript here, so—

Campbell: —few days ago.

Hansen: Yeah. Yep. “And, from what most say it’s the best they’ve had. The real compliment is when they keep coming back for more. You’d absolutely love it. I’m in my 40s, but guarantee that I’m not some old guy wanted to perve a young boy.” Well, the reality is that you are older.

Campbell: Uh-huh (Affirms).

Hansen: And what’s going on here seems pretty “pervy” doesn’t it?

Campbell: It does.

A total of 24 men show up at the house, are arrested and thrown in jail. But first they’ll find out they’re going to be on national television.

The men walking through our door range in age from from 21 to 61 and come from very different backgrounds.  But most of them say almost the same thing when I confront them: it’s their first time.

And there’s something else I hear over and over: these men always bring or keep condoms with them.

Most are willing to talk when they don’t know they’re being recorded on hidden camera. But many, like a mental health counselor for teenagers, scurry when the cameras come out.

Remember the married man who said his wife would kill him if she knew what he was up to?

Chris Hansen: I’m Chris Hansen with Dateline NBC. 

Elias Bailon: Holy sh*t (puts hand over mouth)

Hansen:  Now, if there’s anything else you’d like to tell us, we’d like to hear it.

Bailon: I just made a mistake.  And, I won’t do it again for sure.

And then there were the men who had already seen some of our Dateline computer predator investigations....

Hansen: I’m Chris Hansen with Dateline NBC.

Ryan McIntosh: I know.

Hansen:-- you know?

McIntosh: Uh-huh (affirms).

Hansen: Have you seen a previous stories?

McIntosh: I have.

Hansen: You have.  And, what your impression of the earlier stories?

McIntosh:  Nothing, they were very good coverage. I’ve seen one, previous, maybe a month ago.

Hansen: And, that didn’t make you think twice about coming over here to meet a 14-year-old?

McIntosh: No. I wasn’t coming over to have sex with him tonight— or do anything with him. I was just coming to talk to him.

And because he’s seen a previous broadcast, he remembers what happens next.

McIntosh: I’m gonna walk out and there are gonna cops are gonna be out there?

Hansen:  That’s not up to me.

McIntosh:You know, yes.  Okay.  Thank you.

And just as he suspected—the police are waiting to arrest him.

Another man, Dallas Lee, saw one of our broadcasts and still showed up. He came to meet a boy posing as a 14-year-old.

Hansen: Do you ever watch Dateline NBC?

Dallas Lee:  Sometimes.  Yes.  I’ve seen that.

Hansen: You’ve seen the Computer Predator stories?

Lee: Uh-huh (Affirms).  Yeah.

Hansen: Well, this is one of them.

Lee: Lovely.

And there’s more bad news for him when he gets outside, an officer wearing a type of camouflage to hide in the bushes, jumps out and arrests him.

As soon as the men leave our house police work quickly and sometimes aggressively taking the suspects down to the ground.  That’s because in Florida, it’s relatively easy to get a permit to carry a concealed weapon, so these officers aren’t taking any chances.

Hansen: Did anybody get hurt in the take downs?

Chief Williams: No, no-- 24 people and no one was injured.  All the officers are safe. 

As a man is being arrested, an unmarked police vehicle moves into position. The suspect is put into a car and taken to a transfer station.

What police found in the vehicles
A married man, Lee Greer, hoped his wife would never know that he showed up for a date with a girl who told him she was 13.

Hansen: How is this going to go over at home?

Lee Greer: I’d really, really, really like for it not to go home.

Police officer: Where you from man?

Greer: I’m from Arkansas.

Police officer: Arkansas. You on vacation or something?

Greer: No, I’m down here working.

His picture is taken...

Police officer: Thank you.

...And when the police search his rental car they start collecting evidence.

Kenneth Forton, online, asked a girl claiming to be 15 if he could tie her up? Look what the police find in his car.

Police: There’s rope?  There’s rope.

Another police officer: “there’s duct tape and extension cords..”

He did admit to me that he had rope in his car.  But he denied bringing anything else.

Hansen: Did you bring condoms with you?

Kenneth Forton:  No.

Hansen: No.  Not in your car?

Forton: No.

Hansen: Did you bring marijuana?

Forton: No.

Hansen: Are you sure?

Forton: Uh-huh (Affirms).

Turns out he wasn’t telling the truth. The police find the marijuana and a box of condoms.

All of the 24 men who were arrested outside our house were charged with felonies— attempted lewd and lascivious behavior with a minor and attempting to solicit a child over the Internet.

They all went before a judge and bail was set.

Eleven of the men are still in custody. Many say they are innocent but they will have to wait to be arraigned before they can plead not guilty.

The next man you're about to meet is stunning. Online, he’s very clear about what he wants to do with the underage girl, and what he does when he shows up will be hard for you to believe.

A Perverted-Justice decoy is playing the part of a 14-year-old named Cindy.  She’s talking to Marvin Lakhan, screenname “crazytrini85.” They met in an online chat room. Cindy tells him she’s a virgin and he sends her a picture of his genitals. “Crazytrini85” asks her if she’ll try anal sex and adds - it’s better than regular sex. Then he asks her if she has a Jacuzzi.

crazytrini85 (chat log): ima (blank) u in there lol

crazytrini85: and on ure momz bed?

cindylovez2dance: y not my bed

crazytrini85: that too

cindylovez2dance: heheh

crazytrini85: ima (blank) ya in every room so no matter where u go u will remember me.

Next he asks her if she has any pets? Cindy says she has a male cat and you won’t believe what "crazytrini85" asks next.

crazytrini85: lol u kno what would b a huge --- turn on for me?

cindylovez2dance: wat

He wants to watch her perform a sex act on a cat. He says people do it all the time. They discuss it further on the phone where he tells her they’ll need Cool Whip. The decoy says she’ll try it if he’s willing to strip off all his clothes and walk into her house naked.

As we told you before, according to law enforcement, asking a suspect to bring or do something specific demonstrates intent.

The decoy keeps talking to him as he walks up the driveway.

Decoy (hidden camera footage): I’m gonna find my cat quick ok... just strip in there and I’ll be out with the cat. All right? Like whatever you want... I guess totally naked cause that was the deal, right?

This is a man who apparently sticks to a deal.  He walks in the back door, takes off all his clothes in the laundry room and goes in search of the decoy.

Marvin Lakhan:  Where are you?

Decoy:  Wait, just take a seat.  Have a cookie, I made them because they’ll go with the Cool Whip.  It was kind of a little surprise.

Chris Hansen, Dateline correspondent (walks in): You wanna explain yourself, grab that towel right there please. Wrap it around yourself.  Please sit in that stool.

Hansen: What are you doing?

Lakhan: (shakes head) Making a mistake.

Hansen: Making a mistake? what is going on in your mind?

Lakhan: I don’t know.

Hansen: You don’t know? Now what do you think would have happened Marvin, had I not been here and had there actually been a 14-year-old girl in that next room?  What would have happened after you walked in there naked?

Lakhan: Something probably would have happened.

Hansen: Something like what?

Lakhan: Something along sexual lines.

Hansen:  Like you would have had sex with a 14-year-old girl.

Lakhan: I’m not sure if I would have done that but…

Hansen: Marvin you’re naked.

Lakhan: Yeah I wouldn’t have gone all the way, I wasn’t.

Hansen: You went all the way when you took your clothes off just about...

Then I ask him about the plans he talked about online for the cat.

Hansen: “You know what would be a huge ass turn on for me, what, watching you blank him, meaning the cat.” She says “I don’t think I want to blank the cat.” “Would you for me?” You were going to make this 14 year old girl perform a sex act on a cat?  Was that your plan?

Lakhan:  It wasn’t.

Hansen: Well, why did you say it then?

Lakhan: I was... I was just messing around with her.

Hansen: You’re just messing around?

Lakhan: I really wasn’t serious about the cat.

Hansen: Gave her instructions about using Cool Whip—very specific instructions. I can only image what would’ve been going on in this house had I not been here.  Am I wrong to think that?

Lakhan: No. You’re not.

Hansen:  So what’s going to be happening if I’m not here? You’re naked.  There’s a 14 year old girl.  You’re chasing a cat around.  You’ve got Cool Whip and you want this girl to do some sex act with the cat and then you’ll have sex with her.  Is that accurate?

Lakhan: Yes.

Then “crazitrini85” asks for some water.

Hansen: Some water?

Lakhan : Yes.  Please.

Hansen: Guess all that running around naked got you pretty  dried out there, huh?

Lakhan:  Yeah.

Hansen: Have you ever met any young girls online? First time?

Lakhan: Yeah... this is first time, which will never happen again. I can tell you that...

The nearly naked man starts laughing.

Hansen: So, it’s funny?

Lakhan: No.  This is—I’m just thinking it to myself that this would never happen again.  (Laughter)  This is, you know, something, though.  It’s not right.

Hansen: So, you’re promising me right now that you’ll never—

Lakhan: I’m promising myself that I’m not—

Hansen: Hook up with a 14 year old girl online, tell her to have sex with a cat, and walk into her house naked?

Lakhan: Not—not even under 19-- (laughter).  It’s no.  I’m promising that to myself—not even to you. This is not good.

Now he’s about to find out that he just made that promise on national television.

Hansen: Well, there’s something else you need to know.  I’m Chris Hansen with Dateline NBC and we’re doing a story on adults who try to meet teens online.

Lakhan: I see.

Hansen: Now, if there’s anything else you’d like to say about this predicament you’re now in, we’d love to hear it.

Lakhan: Just trust me, it’ll never happen again.

Hansen:  And, if there’s nothing else you have to say, then you’re free to walk out that door, where you stripped naked and walked in.  You can keep the towel.

Lakhan: I’ll just leave it the laundry room.

Hansen: That’s fine.

Once he gets his clothes back on, he walks outside and is arrested by that camouflaged officer. He’s then taken to the transfer station and searched.

Police officer:  Spread your legs.  Where do you live at?

Lakhan: Fort Lauderdale.

Police officer:  You here on business or what?

Lakhan: No just being stupid.

Police officer: Just being stupid.

Lakhan: Yeah.

He’s photographed and then taken to jail. The next day he’s brought before a judge and bail is set.

Judge: That does comes out to $50,000. That’s all for today.

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