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  From ‘The Daily Nightly’

“Katrina is different. Katrina displaced 2 million Americans. It destroyed 350,000 has us talking about race and class, and money and relief. It affected what we pay for gas, and may affect what we pay in taxes...There are many heroes, but no one villain.”
— Brian on why this story matters
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Multimedia: Katrina's lasting damage
Southern Louisiana rebuilds
Visit areas around New Orleans to compare how they were faring two years after Katrina to the immediate aftermath of the storm.
Gulf Coast's struggle
A lifelong resident revisits areas that had been devastated by the storm, and shares how they looked days after the storm and two years later.
NBC video
The day music came back to the Ninth Ward
Jan. 24, 2006: Jazz legends Harry Connick, Jr. and Branford Marsalis play an impromptu concert in the Upper Ninth Ward (about 17 minutes of video).
Free video
Hurricane Katrina's destruction
The TODAY show produced this natural sound look back at the most compelling video in the aftermath of Katrina.