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NBC Video: Being an American
Nightly News
Helping Navy SEAL widows
Nov. 10: Former Navy SEAL Nick Rocha sticks by the promise he made on the battlefield. And the families of his fallen comrades are forever changed because of it. NBC's Dawn Fratangelo reports.

Image: Malia Obama and Barack Obama
  Celebs born on Fourth of July
Several prominent Americans — including Geraldo Rivera — share their birthday with that of the nation.
The U.S. anthem hard to sing?
Not if you sing it in the right key for you. Some pointers from NBC’s George Lewis.
NBC video
Oh, say can you ... sing the U.S. anthem?
Some can sing it well -- and some not. Either way, it’s fun to see them try.
Voices from Lady Liberty
People respond to the question, "What does it mean to be American?"
Boy's creative take on anthem
Mathew Judd, 6, sings "The Star-Spangled Banner" with a little artistic license at Universal Studios, Calif.
Slide show
Statue of Liberty
  What's the most American place? set out to find the perfect place to ask what it means to be an American. See our special slide show. Note: The vote has ended.

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