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updated 1:19 p.m. ET July 18, 2012
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Celebrity ‘news’ goes supersonic online's Jeannette Walls on how the rise of blogs and on-demand access turned gossip into a no-holds-barred enterprise.
Readers share their memories
For many people, the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks marked a key turning point, not just for how they viewed, but for how they viewed Internet news as a whole.
  Share your thoughts on the last 10 years
Tell us what you remember about the last decade and share your memories of What do you think were the top stories? The best movies or the dumbest trends? And how do you think online news will change in the next 10 years? Discuss it all on our message board.
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  Ten years in pictures
Click to see images with impact from the past ten years. Some pictures may contain graphic content.
The decade in ...  
10 years of political folly, terrorism, sports upsets, diet fads and more:

How much do you remember?  
Have you been paying attention the last 10 years? Test yourself with our quizzes.


NBC video: is 10 years old
The future of the Web
July 31: On the 10th anniversary of, Charles Tillinghast, the Web site’s president, tells “The Most” about the innovations you’ll be seeing online in the next decade.

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  Top of the world and friends celebrate the 10th anniversary at the Top of the Rock in New York.