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  Medical miracles  
Open-fetal operation saves infant's life
It was an eleventh hour attempt to save the tiniest of lives. In some of the most dramatic video we've ever broadcast, see the hand of a five month old fetus -- held by a surgeon trying to give him a future. Rob Stafford reports.

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  Looking for a cure for her twins
Chris Hempel, mother of twins who have a rare and fatal genetic disorder, has created her own virtual pharmacy in hopes of helping her daughters.
  Cody's story
Cody McCasland, 7 years old, suffers from a gene mutation which caused deformities in his lower spine. He has no knee joints nor tibia. On prosthetics, he’s now living a happy and exciting life… giving back and charming everyone from Ellen to Oprah.

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  Staying awake during brain surgery
Sam Gladen talks about being conscious during surgery
Garrett's first birthday
Doctors operated on Garrett Morrison when he was a 5 month old fetus inside his mother’s womb. This is Garrett now as he celebrates his first birthday.
A Taco Bell victim
Steven Minnis of Pennsylvania never thought he would be susceptible to E. coli poisioning. He got sick after eating contaminated lettuce, and now has little trust in vegetable food safety.
Dateline NBC
How to wash your hands properly
Dateline’s Victoria Corderi, with the guidance of microbiologist Debra Huffman, demonstrates why proper hand-washing is important.
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