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The Luxor Hotel
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A Stroll on the Strip After Dark: You haven't really seen Las Vegas until you've seen it at night. This neon wonderland is the world's greatest sound-and-light show. Begin at Luxor and work your way down past the incredible hotels and their attractions. You'll pass the amazing New York-New York on your way, and if your strength holds out, you will end at Circus Circus, where live acrobat acts take place overhead while you gamble. Make plenty of stops en route to take in the Sirens show at Treasure Island, see The Mirage volcano erupt, take a photo of the full moon over the Eiffel Tower, and, most of all, marvel at the choreographed water-fountain ballet at Bellagio.

Casino-Hopping on the Strip: The interior of each lavish new hotel-casino is more outrageous and giggle-inducing than the last. Just when you think they can't possibly top themselves, they do. From Venice to ancient Egypt, from a rainforest to a pirate's lair, from King Arthur's castle to New York City, to the brand-new Wynn Las Vegas, it is still all, totally, completely, and uniquely Las Vegas.

An Evening in Glitter Gulch: Set aside an evening to tour the Downtown hotels and take in the overhead light show of the Fremont Street Experience. Unlike the lengthy and exhausting Strip, you can hit 17 casinos in about 5 minutes.

Buffets: They may no longer be the very best of bargains, as the cheaper ones do not provide the quality of the more pricey ones, but there is something about the endless mounds of food that just screams "Vegas" to us. Our choices for the best in town are listed in the dining section later in this guide.

A Creative Adventures Tour: Char Cruze of Creative Adventures (tel. 702/361-5565; provides personalized tours unlike anything offered by a commercial tour company, full of riveting stories and incredible facts about both natural and artificial local wonders.

The Liberace Museum: It's not the Smithsonian, but then again, the Smithsonian doesn't have rhinestones like these. Only in Vegas.

The Dolphins at The Mirage: Actually, a most un-Vegas experience. Zone out as you watch these gorgeous mammals frolic in their cool blue pool. If you are really lucky, they'll play ball with you.

Playing Penny Slots: Where even the most budget-conscious traveler can gamble for hours. They used to be as rare as a non-silicone-enhanced showgirl, but now they're in all the major casinos.

Shop the Big Three Casino Arcades: Take what Napoleon called "the greatest drawing room in Europe," replicate it, add shops, and you've got the Grand Canal Shoppes at The Venetian -- it's St. Mark's Square, complete with canals and working gondolas. Then there are the Forum Shops at Caesars Palace, replicating an ancient Roman streetscape, with classical piazzas and opulent fountains. Don't miss the scary audio-animatronic statues as they come to glorious, cheesy life. And not to be outdone, the Desert Passage at Aladdin re-creates the ancient trade route through Morocco, complete with a special-effects rainstorm over an indoor harbor (at least until the hotel's new owners take over).

Cirque du Soleil's O, KA, and Mystère: You haven't really seen Cirque du Soleil until you've seen it performed in a showroom equipped with state-of-the-art sound-and-lighting systems and a seemingly infinite budget for sets, costumes, and high-tech special effects. It's an enchantment.

Your Favorite Headliners: As soon as you arrive in town, pick up a show guide and see who's playing during your stay.

Finding the Worst Lounge Shows: Some feel this is the ultimate Vegas experience and dedicate many an evening to it. Be sure to watch out for Cook E. Jarr and the Crumbs.

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