Video: World's Worst: It's a tie!

By Keith Olbermann Anchor, 'Countdown'
updated 9/20/2006 12:56:38 PM ET 2006-09-20T16:56:38

Our nominees tonight, the Bronze to Senator Conrad Burns of Montana who gives us so much material we should pay him.  That appears to be the problem, in fact, the “Associated Press” reporting Mr. Burns flew on a plane chartered by the Vonage Internet phone company, to and from his own 13th annual Burns Classic Golf Weekend, just days after the Senate passed the Burns Amendment, legislation that had been advocated for the last year by the Vonage Internet phone company.

Now there's a coincidence.

The Silver tonight, the “Dubliner” magazine, the latest to not double check when somebody sent it “topless photos of the wife of Tiger Woods.”  The Irish publication then ripped Woods and other American golfers since “most of them are married to women who cannot keep their clothes on in public.”  Problem is the woman in the picture is not Mrs. Tiger Woods.  A fact several other publications have discovered, to their dismay, over the last few years.

But our winners tonight—co-winners.  In an interview on Bill-O's show, former New York Senator Al D'Amato said John McCain's position on torture deserves a pass “only because I think he was so traumatized by his time as a POW in Vietnam.”

Bill-O then said, the Vietnamese ignored the Geneva Conventions during McCain's imprisonment, so we should too.  McCain, of course, points out that as the time passed, the North Vietnamese, in fact, made the choice to start observing the Conventions. 

Best part, I did a search engine thing on Bill-O's name, it came back “no matches found for Bill O'Reilly, did you mean Bill orally?” 

Al D'Amato and Bill Orally: today's “Worst Persons in the World.”

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