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updated 10/2/2006 4:26:34 PM ET 2006-10-02T20:26:34

Every night at 8 p.m. on MSNBC, Keith Olbermann awards his daily pick for "Worst Person in the World." Some contenders are lucky -- or unlucky --enough to be nominated more than once.

Our nominees:

The Bronze goes to Peter Roskam, Republican congressional candidate of the Illinois sixth-- he says his Democratic opponent wants to cut and run from Iraq. She’s Tammy Duckworth, former National Guard pilot in Iraq and she can’t run, since she lost both of her legs there. Nice touch, Pete.

The Silver tonight to Michael Savage.  Says an average prostitute- let’s say in a city, probably, is more reliable and more honest than most U.S. senators wearing a dress. 

Prostitutes, cross dressers, well, Mike, we’ll defer to you, you’re the expert here. 

Our winner: Roger Ailes, "The Ming the Merciless," of FOX News and congrats, incidentally Roger, on having achieved the perfectly circular shape. He says today that President Clinton’s reaction to Chris Wallace the other day was “an assault on all journalists.” No, Roger, what he said was an admonishment, somebody sending terrorist threats to me and others is an assault to all journalists. 

Roger Ailes, Wednesday's “Worst Person in the World.”

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