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updated 9/29/2006 4:53:48 PM ET 2006-09-29T20:53:48

This has been quite a season for "Project Runway." First, designer Keith got the boot for cribbing off of pattern books. Now, rumors are flying on the Web that Jeffrey may have had outside help on his final collection. The buzz is being fueled by everyone's favorite fabulous mom of five and soon six, Laura.

"The Most" sat down with Wendy Pepper, the finalist from season one who still holds the title of most controversial contestant.

La Pepper showed up looking all glam and svelte.  Not at all the frumpy suburban mom we saw on Runway.

The 'Most': First of all, you look terrific.  Not that didn't during season one you didn't.  But, well, you know.

Wendy Pepper, "Project Runway" season one finalist: Thanks.  This is what being on a reality show can do for you.  Keep it coming.

The 'Most': So what's your take on the Jeffrey and Laura dust up?  Is it possible that he could have cheated?

I think you have to understand the desire to create the most memorable collection you could ever do is strong.  And keep in mind the contestants do film in NYC but they are sent home for a certain amount of time to create their collections.  They do have a set of rules they are supposed to follow but it's difficult to monitor people in a home environment.

The 'Most': Therewas a little drama at you finale, too.  Kara Saun got a lot of help in the shoe department when a friend of hers gave her custom made shoes for Payless prices.  Did she cheat?

In the ninth hour there were some irregularities there.  I did not see cheating going on in my season and I don't know if it happened in this season, but I can tell you that it's an extremely competitive environment and it's quite possible that some people are stretching the rules here and there.  But come on, how many people get to show at Bryant Park?

The 'Most': How do I say this?  Every season has its bad girl or bad boy.  Maybe you were kind of that person in season one?

Pepper:  Kind of?

The 'Most': Well, okay. You were the one everyone loved to hate.  How has that affected you since the show?

Pepper: It was a game, and it is entertainment.  The kind of exposure I got on "Project Runway" has really elevated my brand, and I have clients all over the country now.  "Project Runway" is terrific for the fashion industry.  I can't say enough about it.

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