Video: Joe Knows: GOP can win on Iraq

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By Joe Scarborough Host, ‘Morning Joe'
updated 10/9/2006 11:44:53 AM ET 2006-10-09T15:44:53

In his "Joe Knows" series, Joe Scarborough offers political strategies to both the Democrats and the Republicans.  In this edition, he tells Republicans how to effectively articulate their positions on the current conflict in Iraq.

When talking about Iraq, Republican candidates need to remember three things:

2. Admit that the Republican administration made mistakes in this war. Like John McCain and Colin Powell, you believe that our troops need to be given everything they need to win. Unfortunately, there were powerful civilians and bureaucrats in the Pentagon who thought America could win the war on the cheap. It was a deadly mistake, and we shouldn’t make matters worse by electing candidates like your opponent who will vote to reduce troop strength further. That would really endanger our men and women in uniform.

3. Voters know where you stand on the war. But can they say the same for your opponent? What will he do when Speaker Nancy Pelosi follows Charlie Rangel’s advice and immediately strips our troops of funding? What will he do when the most powerful Democrat on the Appropriations Committee tells him America will cut and run in the next few months? Will he vote in a way that represents the values of Charlie Rangel and Nancy Pelosi or voters in your district? Unlike Republicans, Democratic leaders don’t allow dissent. He will become a Pelosi Democrat or be an outcast in Congress from day one. Voters in your district just can’t afford that anymore than they can having a congressman who promotes San Francisco values instead of your own.

Remember, you win by focusing on Iraq, not by running away from it. You have a plan. Your opponent doesn’t. We need more strength. Not less.

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