boulders on Hana Highway in Maui
Submitted by Uday Kari
The earthquake sent rocks and dirt onto the Hana Highway in Maui, seen here in this photograph sent by reader Uday Kari. "Some boulders were the size of refrigerators," he wrote.
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Some were up early to watch NFL football games, others were in church for early services. When a 6.7 magnitude earthquake hit Hawaii on Sunday morning, it shook homes and rattled nerves, say readers who wrote in with their stories. Power outages of more than 12 hours caused some to break out the barbecues and others to reflect on how little they had on hand for an emergency. Above all, said many, Hawaii's famous "Aloha spirit" shone through.

The following are just a few of the several hundred responses received by

kitchen debris
Submitted by Patrick Bida
Kitchen cabinets are flung open and glass bottles litter the floor in this picture submitted from Patrick Bida.

damaged rock wall
Submitted by Tom Sullivan
From Tom Sullivan: "A 20 foot section of our 25 foot high rock wall came crashing down onto the street during this morning's quake."

damage to Hana Highway
Submitted by Uday Kari
Uday Kari took this picture of earthquake damage to the Hana Highway in Maui.

Glassware lies shattered on the floor
Submitted by John Wood
Glassware lies shattered on the floor of John Wood's kitchen.

lamp and other equipment lies on ground
Submitted by Brendan Poff
A lamp and other equipment lies on the ground in this picture from Brendan Poff.

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