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By Joe Scarborough Host, ‘Morning Joe'
updated 10/17/2006 2:35:46 PM ET 2006-10-17T18:35:46

Stop the presses. Bill O’Reilly is lashing out at the New York Times.

But this time the King of Cable News is not going after the Newspaper of Record for slanted news coverage on Iraq, Republican scandals or culture wars. This time O’Reilly’s angst is reserved for the Times’ book review staff.

The man who built Fox News primetime into a ratings juggernaut is a hard guy to ignore. O’Reilly is everywhere.

You can find the man liberals love to hate on TV, radio and at the top of the best sellers’ list. His books zoom to number one and his columns read regularly by millions. But despite his gaudy media successes, Bill O’Reilly just can’t seem to get his books reviewed by the New York Times.

Consider him the 21st century’s version of Dr. Hook.

“We keep getting richer
But we can’t get our picture
On the cover of the Rolling Stone”

Same goes for O’Reilly, whose fame and fortune have done little to gain him the recognition he seeks from the same mainstream media outlets he regularly attacks.

Bill would do well to watch Oliver Stone’s horrid flick about Richard Nixon. In it, Nixon’s wife grabs Anthony Hopkins’ Nixon character by the sweater and tells the 35th president, “They will never love you!”

Truer words never spoken.

It’s a line I used on Newt Gingrich to no avail. And it’s a lesson O’Reilly has been taught time again over the past decade. The New York Times and other media giants will never accept him or any other conservative firebrand because—a real shocker here!--they are politically as liberal as O’Reilly is conservative.

It really is disappointing to report here, but my years in Congress and the media has taught me that while most liberals talk a good game when the subject of tolerance comes up, their expansive minds shrink to the size of my razor phone when it comes to accepting conservative thinkers.  Why? Because, in the words of many of my liberal friends, most liberals think conservatives are evil.

I guess Bill O’Reilly and his friends in the conservative publishing world can ease their pain of being snubbed by Upper West Side elites by passing their time in Long Island mansions counting their millions.

Not a bad consolation prize for missing out on a snarky Times review.

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