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Hardball College Tour

  McCain at Villanova University
  McCain: ‘I believe the strategy is succeeding’
April 15: Sen. John McCain tells Hardball’s Chris Matthews that he believes the “strategy in Iraq is succeeding” and a favorable security arrangement will eventually be established.
  Students ask McCain questions
April 15: Students from Villanova ask John McCain questions,  like whether he views himself as a “typical white person” and if he, like Sen. Clinton would like to throw back a shot of whisky.
  McCain on Obama’s ‘bitter’ comments
April 15: Sen. John McCain talks about whether or not he thinks Obama is an elitist. He also addresses the issues of 527s.
  McCain talks politics
April 15: April 15: Sen. John McCain answer students’ questions about foreign policy and the most important issue facing the government.
  McCain: ‘There is a desire for change’
April 15: Sen. John McCain says that he thinks that Sen. Barack Obama is an eloquent speaker and that he reflects a desire for change -- something McCain feels he can provide Americans.
  What McCain would like his legacy to be
April 15: Sen. John McCain tells Chris Matthews that he would like to be remembered as an “imperfect servant” who served the country with honor.
Read the entire transcript: 'Hardball College Tour:' John McCain
What does the presidential nominee say about Bush, Obama and Iraq?

  Obama at West Chester University
  Obama on how to get out of Iraq
April 2: Sen. Barack Obama explains the differences between himself and Sen. Clinton on an exit strategy for Iraq. He says he's tough enough and will stick to his guns on changing policy.
  Obama answers questions from students
April: 2: West Chester University students ask Barack Obama about the Rev. Wright controversy and how that's affected his faith, student aid, testing in schools and stem cell research.
  Obama on 3 a.m. phone calls
April 2: Barack Obama explains to Chris Matthews that if president he will exercise “good judgment” when it comes to homeland security issues and that he'll make good decisions under stress.
  Obama gets personal
April: 2: Sen. Barack Obama answers questions about his background, race in the race, how he quit smoking, and what he learned about America through his campaign.
  Obama on civil unions and education
April 2: Barack Obama answers question about gay marriage and civil unions, improving inner city school systems and the Pennsylvania primary.
Read the entire transcript: 'Hardball College Tour:' Barack Obama
What does the presidential candidate say about Iraq, race and other issues?

  South Carolina State University

Elizabeth Edwards and Rep. James Clyburn, D-N.C., joined the College Tour right before the first Democratic debate:

  Video: Elizabeth stumps for her husband

  Video: Elizabeth answers questions from students

  Video: A College Tour surprise for Clyburn

  Previous College Tour guests
De Niro, Damon: Spies, patriotism and politics
Stars of ‘The Good Shepherd’ play Hardball at the College Tour at GMU
John Edwards at UNC at Chapel Hill
Former Senator plays Hardball with Chris Matthews
Tom Brokaw at Fordham
NBC legend talks current events
McCain: Gay marriage should not be legal
John McCain makes news at Iowa State University.  Check out the highlights.
Robin Williams and his wife Marsha Garces Williams pose at the world premiere of Man of the Year in Hollywood
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  Picking the president: The candidates
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