Video: Mills-McCartney split gets nasty

updated 10/18/2006 5:03:11 PM ET 2006-10-18T21:03:11

It's a divorce battle that keeps hitting new lows.

Today, a London tabloid called The Daily Mail is reporting that, in legal documents, Heather Mills has accused her estranged husband Paul McCartney of some horrific domestic abuse.  The paper cites documents which allege that McCartney cut her with a broken wine glass, pushed her into a bathtub, and refused to let her breastfeed their child.

While neither camp has commented on the tabloid report, it's clear that a bad situation has gotten worse.

To find out a bit more about this troubled marriage, "The Most" interviewed Jorie Gracen, author of "Paul McCartney: I Saw Him Standing There," as well as a popular blog about Sir Paul called "The Macca Report."

"The Most":Did this allegation come out of the blue?  What a shocker!

Jorie Gracen, author of "Paul McCartney: I Saw Him Standing There": There have been some hints that she was going to drop something big.  There were no details on what it was going to be, but there were rumors that she was about to unleash something.  Yes, these allegations seem bigger than what we were expecting.  Some of these allegations are horrific.

"The Most": How do you think Paul is reacting?

Gracen: Paul is a very private person with a public persona and he has tried to keep his family out of the public eye.  Even if these allegations are not true it certainly puts doubts in people's minds.

"The Most": She stands to gain a ton of money if this sticks, right?

Gracen: There is obviously a lot at stake for her with the resolution of the marriage.  They spent almost 4 years together and it appears that she is entitled to 50 percent of his fortune.  For him the big battle is the custody of their daughter, Beatrice.

"The Most": What do you know about her?  She certainly has had her own share of negative press.

Gracen: Heather has been known to exaggerate and sensationalize.  She's been having her own problems.  There have been claims about her past: accusations that she was a hooker, pornographic type photos of her.  She may have felt that she needed to spin the story in her favor.

"The Most": But domestic violence?  Drug abuse?  Does any of this sound right?

Gracen: The claim of violence is interesting because by all accounts he and Linda were married for 30 years and they had a terrific marriage.  It's hard to believe that if he had a violent past he would have managed to refrain from engaging in violence during the 30 years he was married to Linda.  He did have a problem with drugs very early in his career.


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